Bergdahl Charged With Desertion After Obama Admin Liars Says He “Served With Honor & Distinction”

Obama and his corrupt administration had tried everything they could to lie to the American People about the release of 5 of the most dangerous Taliban commanders in the world, to secure the release of criminal US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who, on more than one occasion, deserted his post to go help the terrorists.

Army: Bergdahl Is A Criminal Deserter - White House Tries Sweeping Bergdahl & The Obama Administration's Support of Terrorists Under Rug

Obama’s White House National Security Advisor, and in-house liar Susan Rice, even went on the Sunday shows to lie to the American People again, telling us that Bowe Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction”, but made no mention of the 5 soldiers who died while looking for the deserter.

Obama even had Bergdahl’s parents visit the White House for a statement and photo-op, and walked out of frame with his arms around the terrorist-enabling parents of Bowe Bergdahl.

None of this …

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Obama Releases 5 Foreign Terrorist Leaders – Establishes Group Probing Americans as “Domestic Terrorists”

With one hand, the criminals in the corrupt Obama administration let 5 of the worst Taliban terrorists go free, and with the other hand the most corrupt administration in US History attacks the American People as “domestic terrorists”.

Obama Releases 5 Foreign Terrorist Leaders - Establishes Group Probing "Domestic Terrorists" Americans

Obama Releases 5 Foreign Terrorist Leaders – Establishes Group Probing “Domestic Terrorists” Americans

Eric Holder is a stupid and corrupt piece of shit who sees conservatives as “domestic terrorists”, but views actual terrorists and terrorist groups that hate America as friends.

It has been proven to be true over and over that Obama loves terrorists but hates Americans.

The United States is re-establishing a law enforcement group to fight those it designates as domestic terrorists, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Following hate-motivated shootings such as the one at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas City, Missouri

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