OBAMA BAMBOOZLED BLACKS! – White Unemployment 5.3% – Black Unemployment 11.4%

The corrupt Obama administration has the black community right where they want them – which is in their back pocket.

Meeting of New Democrat KKK Slave Masters

Meeting of New Democrat KKK Slave Masters

Under clueless Obama, white unemployment went down to 5.3%, while black unemployment actually went up to 11.4%.

Are people in the black community happy with Obama? Very doubtful!

Obama has not only failed miserably for the black community, but Obama has all but assured that black people and immigrants would be Democrat slaves for a long time to come. Black people will most likely continue to vote for their slave masters again and again because their Democrat slave masters give them the most free shit.

The obvious truth is that Obama, Holder, and the rest of the Democrat Culture of Corruption couldn’t care less about black people. Black …

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