Obama’s Benghazi Coverup Scandal Deepens – Obama Cronies Hiding Benghazi Survivors/Witnesses & Changing Their Names To Protect Obama Lies

Obama’s “Fake” Benghazi Coverup Scandal Deeps – Obama’s cronies are helping coverup the corruption and incompetence of the Obama administration, and making sure that nobody with information about the Benghazi Coverup will ever be found.

I wouldn’t put it past the Obama administration to have already killed the people who have the most information, but reports say that the Obama administration has been hiding Benghazi witnesses, and even changing their names, like they were in the Witness Protection Program.

These are all additions to Obama’s Benghazi Scandal Coverup – and Mr. Obama, your Benghazi Coverup DEFINITELY IS a scandal!

Unfortunately YouTube has removed these videos from their platform to hide the truth from the American People. Another coverup with the help of Google/YouTube.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was on with Greta Van Susteren Thursday to

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Ammogate: Inhofe Also Believes Obama Cronies Trying to ‘Dry Up’ U.S. Ammo Supply

There is no doubt about it. The corrupt and dangerous Obama administration has been trying to dry-up the U..S. ammo supply to keep legal gun owners from being able to purchase ammunition for their legally-owned guns.

“We’ve never had government trying to take that much control at the expense of the law-abiding citizens. And we’re not going to let it happen.” – Sen. James Inhofe

“Let’s make sure that your audience out there is aware, Aaron, that our president, Obama, has been doing everything he could to stop the private ownership of guns in America” – Sen. James Inhofe

Liberals feel that you don’t need guns, and since they are too weak to get new gun laws passed, instead of passing laws, the Obama administration ordered their criminal officials to go out and lock up …

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Obama Cronies Call on Their Corrupt Media Arm Lapdogs to Help Spin Debate Thrashing

Obama Cronies Call on Their Corrupt Media Arm Lapdogs to Help Spin Debate Thrashing

Obama Cronies Call on Their Corrupt Media Arm Lapdogs to Help Spin Debate Thrashing

The rats running Team Obama’s reelection campaign have been scrambling and squirming since last nights debate destruction at the hands of Mitt Romney.

Team Obama knows that Obama had his ass handed to him – so much so that David Axelrod is now calling on their friends and cronies in the media to help spin the trashing Obama received, by saying that Romney lied the whole time.

If anyone lied in the debate it was Obama, but Obama’s lapdog, David Axelrod, is one of the biggest liars out there, so to hear Axelrod say anything about someone else being “devoid of honesty” is laughable at best.

David Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s top strategist, has said that the campaign will take a

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