Obama Treasury Department Officials Cited for Soliciting Prostitutes & Other Crimes

Obama Treasury Department Officials Cited for Soliciting Prostitutes & Other Crimes

Obama Treasury Department Officials Cited for Soliciting Prostitutes & Other Crimes

There is no end to the corruptness of the Obama administration – the most secretive and corrupt administration in the history of our nation.

Official government investigations are showing that Obama administration Treasury Department officials have been caught misusing government resources, soliciting prostitutes, breaking conflict-of-interest rules, and accepting gifts from corporate executives.

In 2010, an OTC employee “misused” government resources to solicit prostitutes on three separate occasions via Craigslist. While working at the OTC, investigators said the government staffer “viewed websites offering erotic services on a weekly basis as well as communicating with and arranging meetings with women offering erotic services.”

The OIG concluded that the OTC worker had violated government rules on “notoriously disgraceful conduct.” The case was referred for criminal prosecution to

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Obama Drives Up Food Stamp Usage Explosion With Spanish TV Shows Pushing Food Stamp Enrollment

Food stamp usage has jumped under Obama, and now a shocking 1 in 7 people are taking free money from the government in the form of food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

Obama Drives Up Food Stamp Usage Explosion With Spanish TV Shows Pushing Food Stamp Enrollment

Welfare Obama Drives Up Food Stamp Usage Explosion With Spanish TV Shows Pushing Food Stamp Enrollment

Now the brain-dead Obama administration has made deals with Spanish TV producers to make TV shows that aim to get more people using food stamps. Each TV show is made yup of 10 episodes, called “PARQUE ALEGRIA,” which translates to “HOPE PARK”. What a joke! So Obama is still pushing Hope and Change, but not the kind of hope or change that anyone, except socialists, wanted.

51% of illegal immigrants, and 1 in 7 Americans are now on food stamps, but this is not enough for Obama …

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Desperate Democrats Stalk GOP Congressmen and Candidates – Post Live Footage of Private Homes

The creepy and desperate Democrats have taken a step even farther off the deep end when they started stalking GOP congressmen and candidates by taking live video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates, and then posting the footage on the Internet.

This further shows how scared and desperate Obama and the Democrats are in the upcoming election. As Obama has displayed time and time again, they will lie, cheat, and act like complete slime-balls, to try and stay in office and grift the system a little longer.

Politicians recognize they give up a degree of privacy when they run for office.

But Democrats are testing the outer limits of that understanding with a practice that raises questions about when campaign tracking becomes something more like stalking.

While most serious campaigns on both sides

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CBO Almost Doubles Obamacare Estimate – From $900 Billion to Now $1.76 Trillion! – Cover 4 Million Fewer People!

The Congressional Budget Office has now accurately scored Obama’s Socialized Healthcare Scam, and the results are not good for the American People!

Obamacare to cost more than double what Obama advertised

Obama and the Democrats definitely played with the numbers when putting together their socialized healthcare plan, which initially the CBO estimated would cost Americans $900 billion over 10 years, when instead, if Obama and the Democrats didn’t lie about the numbers they sent to the CBO, the real estimate would have been the $1.76 trillion that is now. Unfortunately, the CBO has to score the bill with the numbers that the Democrats gave them, which were a complete bogus lie by Obama and the Democrats!

On top of the huge additional costs that Obama and the Democrats hid from the American People, we are …

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MSNBC Plays Race Card Against AP For Accurate Transcription of Obama’s Speech

So, Obama can speak in Ebonics, but nobody is allowed to transcribe the actual words Obama speaks, without being called a racist..

If it was not considered racist to speak the way that Obama spoke in his speech to the Black Caucus, then not editing Obama’s spoken words to include the G’s at the end of his words cannot be racist either. If the AP removed the G’s from Obama’s words on their own, then I’d say that a charge of racism may be a little more warranted, but the AP accurately transcribed Obama’s actual words.

I think the real issue is that the Democrats don’t like that Obama sounds like a total idiot when he tries to speak like he is one of the middle class people he is speaking to. Normally, the corrupt …

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Obama Tries Saving 1 Job – His Own – Orders Dept. of Homeland Security to Stop Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Obama has caved in to the cries of Hispanic activists, brain-dead Democrats, and other corrupt jackasses, and has made the dangerously inept Department of Homeland Security stop deporting illegal immigrants who attend school, have a family member in the military, or are responsible for other family member’s care.

Obama is looking for all of the votes he can get in order to try and keep his job after the 2012 election. It’s not going to work though, and Obama will be thrown out of office in a huge landslide! The Department of Homeland Security barely does their job as it is, and now they will be doing even less to keep our country safe.

When Obama, Janet Napolitano, and the Democrats have their way, ALL illegal immigrants will be allowed to stay in our country …

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Obama Administration Lies, Uses Fallen U.S. Soldiers for Political Gain

The despicable Obama administration has gone against the wishes of our fallen soldiers’ families and allowed images to be taken at the ceremony when their bodies were brought back home.

When President Bush was in office, in order to try and make our president look bad, Obama and the Democrats lifted the ban on the media taking pictures of the caskets of our fallen soldiers, upon their return. The Democrats used the lifting of that ban at every opportunity to show the soldiers whose blood they claimed was on the hands of President Bush.

Now that Obama is in office though, they don’t want the American public to see all of the dead soldiers and blood on the hands of Obama, so they again impose a ban on the media to keep the huge increase …

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Obama Would Have Caused BBB S&P Rating If Not For Tea Party

Everyone who actually knows what is happening, and doesn’t have their heads stuck up their ass knows that Obama and the Democrats caused the financial problems that our country is currently facing.

Similarly, anyone who knows their ass from a hole in the wall knows that the Tea Party only protected us from the damage that the inept and corrupt Obama administration would have caused if not for the tea party, whom the left is attacking at every opportunity with trumped up charge of racism, terrorism, kidnapping, and any other abhorrent act that they can think up.

This is the same scorched earth politics of destruction that Obama and the Democrats have tried against anyone who has a different viewpoint than they have. Just ask Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Donald Trump.

Even Rick Santelli …

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