NBC/SNL Laughingly Attacks FOX News as “Fake New” Despite Their Own Dishonest Anchor Brian Williams Caught Lying on Air

NBC, the most untrustworthy & corrupt network on TV, laughingly attacked FOX News for supposedly delivering “fake news”.

That’s rich though, isn’t it? NBC doesn’t even make one joke about their own in-house liar Brian Williams, who has been caught often repeating a handfull of lies, and nobody at NBC made him stop, despite the network knowing full well that the stories Brian Williams was telling over and over were actually lies.

Watch the disgusting whore Tina Fey react to Jim Carrey bringing up the sore subject of Untrustworthy News At NBC, and watch how fast the rest of the NBC turds try changing the subject.

Instead of firing their dishonest news anchor, Brian Williams, for his stolen valor, NBC only suspended him, and will most likely put the piece of shit liar back on …

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