Weak NY Mayor: Michael “No Balls” Bloomberg Caves In to Anti-Capitalism “Occupy” Mob

New York City Mayor Michael “No Balls” Bloomberg has shown over and over that he has absolutely no backbone, and now “No Balls” Bloomberg has waved the white flag of surrender to the NY City to the mob of stinky hippies, stoners, criminals, union thugs, drug dealers that comprise the anti-capitalism “occupy” mob taking up permanent residence in Zuccotti Park.

“No Balls” Bloomberg is trying to use a very lame excuse for his weakness and lack of backbone, saying that because the sanitation company who cleans the park decided not to clean Zuccotti Park, (out of regard and fear for their own safety) so the mob of stoners, hippies, and drug dealers living in the park can continue?

Grow some balls Bloomberg!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that pressure from other elected officials

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