Obama Admin Gets Payback on NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez For Criticizing Obama’s Dangerous Iran Nuke Deal

You BETTER watch out if you are on Obama’s enemy list, even if you are a Democrat, as NJ Senator Bob Menendez is finding out.

NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been one of the most critical voices towards the dangerous nuke deal that Obama is handing Iran.

If you are not on board 100% with the corrupt Obama administration, you get attacked in any way they can, by any government agency that has their heads stuck up Obama’s asshole.

There needs to be an investigation into this corruption and intimidation by Eric Holder and Obama’s corrupt Department of Justice.

Just using the term “Department of Justice” for Obama’s DOJ doesn’t feel right, because Eric Holder is the most corrupt criminal to ever run the DOJ, and they are anything BUT a department of justice, …

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