Marines ‘Hunker Down’ Protecting Obama and Beyonce from Lip “Syncgate” FOIA Requests

Marines 'Hunker Down' Protecting Obama and Beyonce from Lip “Syncgate” FOIA RequestsSo now the big, bad Marines are helping protect Obama and his friends from embarrassment?
That’s a good use of our military.. NOT!

I have to start by saying that Beyonce is nothing more than a nasty fat-ass skank who probably had to suck and fuck everyone she could to get to where she is now.

That being said, and the only reason why these so-called musicians feel the need to lip sync their music is because they probably had to use software to make them sound decent on the recording, when in real life they probably sound like complete crap.

As “The Few, The Proud,” the Marines deserve their reputation with the press as mostly quick to respond with facts to a query — be it on Iraq, Afghanistan, the V-22 Osprey or Hurricane

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