Racist Black Caucus Members Plan Walk-Out at Holder Contempt Vote

Racist Black Caucus members plan to further obstruct the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s investigation of the failed Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal and subsequent coverup.

Democrats have tried to make different assertions, to see which one sticks, but all of their excuses are just more lies from the most corrupt administration in US history who claimed executive privilege to try and obstruct justice and keep documents hidden that should be part of the investigation.

Assertion 1: Democrats want people to believe that the investigation of holder is just an “election year tactic” by Republicans to try and hurt Obama in the upcoming landslide.. I mean election.
* The truth is that the investigation of Fast and Furious, and the subpoena for documents, which Holder has been obstructing, are a year and a half …

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Obama Tries Saving 1 Job – His Own – Orders Dept. of Homeland Security to Stop Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Obama has caved in to the cries of Hispanic activists, brain-dead Democrats, and other corrupt jackasses, and has made the dangerously inept Department of Homeland Security stop deporting illegal immigrants who attend school, have a family member in the military, or are responsible for other family member’s care.

Obama is looking for all of the votes he can get in order to try and keep his job after the 2012 election. It’s not going to work though, and Obama will be thrown out of office in a huge landslide! The Department of Homeland Security barely does their job as it is, and now they will be doing even less to keep our country safe.

When Obama, Janet Napolitano, and the Democrats have their way, ALL illegal immigrants will be allowed to stay in our country …

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