Jim Carrey Wants The US to Be Weak and Ripe for Invasion by Foreign Nations

obama-feels-up-jim-carreyI bet Obama and the Democrats are loving Jim Carrey right about now.

Jim Carrey lives in a sheltered world, and he thinks that you and I should give up our 2nd amendment rights, when doing so only makes our nation, and ourselves, much less safe.

The reason why our nation has never actually been invaded is because we have the 2nd amendment. All foreign nations realize that if they invaded the US, they would run into millions of non-military individuals who have firearms, and have absolutely no chance of staying alive, much less accomplish any real military objectives.

Weakening the 2nd amendment weakens the United States. Period.

If Jim Carrey is working to weaken the 2nd amendment, then he is working to make the United States less safe. Maybe he would like to see …

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