Brainless Liberal Piece Of Shit Alan Colmes Says ISIS Not a Threat to United States

Alan Colmes is a stupid liberal piece of shit who lives in a fantasy world, and thinks that ISIS isn’t a threat to he United States. Comes also says that 9/11 was too long ago to matter.

“What are you worried that Sharia law is going to come to the United States any minute — they’re going to take over the country? Muslims are not coming to get us as you’re suggesting and this kind of hysteria based on isolated incidents is bad for the country” – Stupid Liberal Piece of Shit Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes wouldn’t know reality until it sneaks across the open US borders with a bomb, and blows the stupid fucker into a million pieces.

ISIS has stated over and over that they are coming to the United States to fly …

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Terrorist Friendly Obama Admin Was Briefed Daily About Rise of ISIS Terrorist Group But Did Nothing to Stop Them

Proving how terrorist friendly the Obama administration really is, we are now learning that Obama was given daily detailed intelligence reports about the rise of the ISIS terrorist group, but Obama did nothing to try and stop their growth or terror.. Nothing.

Instead of doing something to stop the terrorists, Obama sat back and watched the terrorist group grow and get stronger.

Corrupt Obama and Holder sent out at least 60,000 government spies to spy on innocent Americans, without any evidence of wrong-doing, but the terrorist friendly Obama administration failed to spy on the terrorists, who the Democrats and the Obama administration knew full well were growing stronger day by day.

Obama also had opportunities to save American journalist James Foley from the ISIS terrorists, but Obama still sat back and did nothing for over …

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