Letterman’s Comes to Senses – Head Slipping Slightly Out of Own Butt

Liberals know that Obama lied over and over in the last presidential debate, and most don’t care – they would rather have a corrupt Democrat liar for a president, than a good, upstanding Republican.

We would usually put David Letterman into this category, but one video we just watched is giving us hope that Letterman may be coming to his senses, and may actually care about the honesty of the person who holds the highest position in our nation – and the world.

Letterman actually said that Obama lied (as usual) when attacking Romney, and that Romney was telling the truth. Is today bizarro day, or opposite day?

Alternate headline: Even Late Night Comedy Shows Must Interview Obama Off the Record. Noel Sheppard picks up David Letterman’s belated realization that Barack Obama — one of

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Obama’s Permanent Campaign Mode Diverted Attention From Critical Presidential Duties

Obama's Permanent Campaign Mode Diverted Attention From Important Presidential Duties

Obama’s Permanent Campaign Mode Diverted Attention From Important Presidential Duties

We have always said that Obama’s extra-curricular activities, such as campaigning, golfing, fundraising, or just hanging out with Hollywood stars, distracts Obama from his real priorities, which is working for America.

Obama hasn’t done crap for America. Instead, Obama has spent most of his time as president working for his own re-election.

In fact, instead of meeting with the world leaders in NY for the UN General Assembly, Obama decided to blow them all off so that he could go do more… you guessed it – campaigning and fundraising.

If not for sports champions and terrorists, President Obama’s public schedule for September would be nearly empty of official events, as he devoted most of his time to campaigning for re-election.

On Sept. 6, Mr. Obama

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