Corrupt & Out-of-Touch: Entitled Washington State Legislators Can Legally Speed Without Fear of Getting Tickets

That’s right! Add the inability to get speeding tickets to the long list of perks that our entitled lawmakers get while “serving the public”.

The excuse of “Serving the Public” that all politicians use is such a crock of shit! All politicians are only out to serve their own interests, not that of the public, unless the “public” is cramming $100 bills into the lawmaker’s pockets.

Washington state legislators are legally able to speed, without fear of getting a ticket, because merely pulling over these jackasses might keep them from casting a vote? That’s complete bullshit! Either they need to leave early enough to make the vote, or they don’t …

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9/11 Million Muslim March Comes Up 999,975 Muslims Short of Goal After Only 25 People Attend

Funny!! The so-called Million Muslim March that Muslim jackasses held on the anniversary of 9/11 was a complete flop! Only around 25 Muslims showed up for the march on the National Mall, even though they expected one million.. Good try jackasses!

9/11 Million Muslim March Comes Up 999,975 Muslims Short of Goal After Only 25 People Attend

9/11 Million Muslim March Comes Up 999,975 Muslims Short of Goal After Only 25 People Attend

These brainless dumb-asses, including the snaggletooth loser Cornel West, wanted a million Muslims to show up, but they couldn’t even get 50. Hilarious!

As of 12:35 PM EST on Wednesday, September 11, the much-ballyhooed Million Muslim March on the National Mall had a grand total of 25 attendees – including Professor Cornel West.

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Hilarious Video: Liberal Tool Lawrence O’Donnell Attacks Anthony Weiner “What’s Wrong With You?”

We have never agreed with Lawrence O’Donnell – not once – until now.

What IS wrong with Anthony Weiner? Why does Anthony Weiner feel that anyone wants him in the office of Mayor of NY, when in reality Anthony Weiner is the laughing stock of the country?

Even while trailing in the polls, with only 7% support, Weiner Boy still says that he thinks he will be the next mayor of NY. So on top of being a complete idiot, he seems to be dumb as a box of rocks as well.

Anthony Weiner took a beating on the night before the mayoral primary from MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, who

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Brainless Pussy John McCain Equates Terrorists Shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ to Christians Saying ‘Thank God’

John McCain has to be one of the dumbest and weakest pussies ever! McCain feels that a terrorist yelling ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ as terrorist rockets fell on innocent people is the same as a Christian saying ‘Thank God’.

The difference, Mr McCain, you no nuts pussy, is that Christians don’t say ‘Thank God’ because innocent people are being blown up, when the terrorists definitely are chanting ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ because a terrorist attack was taking place, and innocent people were being hurt of killed. McCain, and other fake conservatives like him, are just too fucking weak and stupid to know the difference.

Conservatives need to push back and rid themselves of the …

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Phoenix Police Kill Innocent Man – Man Dragged Down Steps Face-First After Being Tasered & Choked Unconscious

Each and every one of these criminal Phoeniz “Police Officers” need to be charged with murder, and sent to prison, after killing this innocent man for no reason. The only thing that the man did to make the Phoenix Police murder him was just sitting on the roof of his home.

The concerned police tasered the innocent man him off the roof, choked the innocent man unconscious, and then dragged him down the stairs, face-first, so that his face and head smashed against every step, and ended up killing the man.

Watch the soon-to-be-criminally-charged “police officer” choke the man, after he was already hurt after being Tased off the roof.…

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Obama’s Benghazi Coverup Scandal Deepens – Obama Cronies Hiding Benghazi Survivors/Witnesses & Changing Their Names To Protect Obama Lies

Obama’s “Fake” Benghazi Coverup Scandal Deeps – Obama’s cronies are helping coverup the corruption and incompetence of the Obama administration, and making sure that nobody with information about the Benghazi Coverup will ever be found.

I wouldn’t put it past the Obama administration to have already killed the people who have the most information, but reports say that the Obama administration has been hiding Benghazi witnesses, and even changing their names, like they were in the Witness Protection Program.

These are all additions to Obama’s Benghazi Scandal Coverup – and Mr. Obama, your Benghazi Coverup DEFINITELY IS a scandal!

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was on with Greta Van Susteren Thursday

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Racist NY Giants NFL Wide Receiver Victor Cruz Tweets Threat Against Zimmerman’s Life

Racist NY Giants NFL Wide Receiver Victor Cruz Tweets Threat Against Zimmerman's Life

Racist NY Giants NFL Wide Receiver Victor Cruz Tweets Threat Against Zimmerman’s Life

We expected racist fucks like Al Sharpton and others to start with the threats against Zimmerman after the trial, but we didn’t expect it from NFL players – if only to be able to keep their jobs.

Racist NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz sent a threatening tweet aimed at George Zimmerman, after Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder.

‘Zimmerman Doesn’t Last a Year Before the Hood Catches Up to Him’

Victor Cruz deleted the ugly tweet soon after posting it, because he knew that what he said was going to cause problems for him, but …

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Corrupt CNN Racists Continues Labeling Zimmerman “White Hispanic” – Is Obama a “Black Caucasian”?

Racist people at CNN keep calling George Zimmerman a “White Hispanic” – but why would they do that?

The answer is because CNN is filled with corrupt and racist dumb-fuck wannabe journalists who can’t bring themselves to say that they were wrong about George Zimmerman, and want to use the race factor to stir up more racial unrest, which the network feeds on.

The liberal media also are brian-dead sheep that go along with everything that the Obama administration and their cronies say, so when Obama, Holder, and the Congressional Black Caucus say something, CNN will parrot it over and over until CNN’s 5 viewers start to believe it.


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