Corrupt and Racist: Black Caucus Members Say Questioning Corrupt Blacks in Power is Racism

Corrupt and Racist: Black Caucus Members Say Questioning Corrupt Blacks in Power is Racism

Corrupt and Racist: Black Caucus Members Say Questioning Corrupt Blacks in Power is Racism

So it is painfully apparent that any time a black person in power is questioned or criticized, the Democrat Culture of Corruption will play the race card, saying that the criticism is is actually just racism, and in this case, sexism.

What a complete crock of shit the Democrats continue to try and force-feed America!

I’m sick of being called a racist by the Democrat party of party of slavery, and the party who started the KKK.

I may be sick of being called a racist, but I can deal with it because I know it’s not true.. That being said, I think it’s actually funny, and I’ve been laughing hard since the election that so many brain-dead and …

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Obama’s War on Coal Takes Out 1,200 More Coal Miners Across 3 States

Speaking in January of 2008 Obama warned us that his incoming administration would basically go Gestapo on the Coal Industry, and impose so many new rules, regulations, and fees on coal mines and plants, that would ratchet up each year, and eventually Obama’s “green energy” regulations, goons and henchmen would bankrupt the entire Coal Industry.

“if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can.. it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all of that greenhouse gasses that’s being emitted. That will also generate billions of dollars that we can invest in wind, solar, biodiesel, and other alternatively energy approaches.”

Now it’s coming true, and due to Obama’s War on Coal, thousands of people are about to lose their jobs as Alpha Natural Resources has …

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Brain Dead DNC Delegates Secretly Want to Cap or Ban Corporate Profits

No wonder why America can’t recover with Obama in the White House. Democrats are dangerous to America!

Many DNC Delegates interviewed at the Democrat National Convention say that they would support limiting, capping, or banning corporate profits.

This is not an anomaly, and the majority of Democrats actually feel, as Obama feels, that the government has a right to limit and even steal the profits of a private company.

One brain-dead Obama follower said that she would need to learn more about it before giving an opinion on the matter of banning corporate profits, but then when asked if she would support a ban on corporate profits if Obama supported it, and she said “I will support anything my president wants to do.” Peter Schiff confirms with her that she meant that she would …

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Desperate Democrats Stalk GOP Congressmen and Candidates – Post Live Footage of Private Homes

The creepy and desperate Democrats have taken a step even farther off the deep end when they started stalking GOP congressmen and candidates by taking live video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates, and then posting the footage on the Internet.

This further shows how scared and desperate Obama and the Democrats are in the upcoming election. As Obama has displayed time and time again, they will lie, cheat, and act like complete slime-balls, to try and stay in office and grift the system a little longer.

Politicians recognize they give up a degree of privacy when they run for office.

But Democrats are testing the outer limits of that understanding with a practice that raises questions about when campaign tracking becomes something more like stalking.

While most serious campaigns on both sides

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Inept, Gaffe Master, Joe Biden Calls Tea Party Patriots “Terrorists”!!

Up until a few weeks ago, I always thought that Joe Biden was a pretty honest Democrat in a sea of corrupt, un-trustworthy, socialist, jackasses, who want nothing less than to run our nation and it’s economy straight into the ground. But after Biden’s last “terrorist” remark, aimed at Tea Party Patriots, I now put Biden in the same unhinged, partisan jackass column as the rest of the Democrat Culture of Corruption.

Jackass Biden said that the Tea Party Republicans “have acted like terrorists”, when, if ANYONE has acted like a terrorist, it is Obama and the Democrats. Democrats caused every bit of the problems we are currently facing, and actually WANT our nation’s economy to crumble, and they have done everything in their power to make it happen.

Anyone who lies over and over …

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Debt Ceiling Plans: Republicans 3, Democrats 0

The House of Representatives has passed their second of three debt ceiling / debt reduction bills, while Obama and the Democrats sit on the sidelines, with no plan of their own, criticizing Republicans for the hard work that they have had to undertake, with no help from the so-called Democrat “leadership” at all.

I’m convinced that Democrats want our country to go into default on our debt because that makes it much easier for Obama and the Democrats to impose their socialistic beliefs on us. Harry Reid has even said that the House plan is “Dead on Arrival” without even seeing the plan, and with no ideas of their own, other than to tax the crap out of U.S. Citizens.

With the U.S. moving perilously closer to defaulting on its loans, the House passed an

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Racist Rep. James Clyburn Urges Obama To Use Executive Order To Raise Debt Ceiling

Racist South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn shows how much he knows about the constitution when he urges Obama to bypass the Congress, to use an Executive Order invoking the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling without approval of Congress.

This is the same jackass who said that the problems that the “president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin.”, likened using an Executive Order to raise the debt ceiling to the Emancipation Proclamation, and was also one of 31 Democrats who voted in the House not to count the electoral votes from Ohio in the 2004 presidential election, because it would have given John Kerry a better chance of winning the election. So who would listen to this idiot?

Even Obama has said that raising the debt ceiling with …

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