Compare Obama 2008 Record to Obama 2012, Not Future Romney

Thomas Sowell writes a great article in which he compares Obama’s campaign promises (lies) that got him elected to what Obama has actually done in his 4 years in office.

Compare Obama 2008's Record to Obama 2012, Not Romney

Compare Obama 2008’s Record to Obama 2012, Not Romney

He is right when he says to compare Obama 2008 to Obama 2012, and you will see that this president is a complete failure, who doesn’t deserve another 4 years in office to continue driving our economy into the ground, while making his friends and supporters very rich.

Many voters will be comparing Mitt Romney with Barack Obama between now and election day. But what might be even more revealing would

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Obama’s New Budget Would Rack Up Additional $3.5 Trillion in US Debt!

Obama's new budget would add $3.5 Trillion to US Deficit!

Obama's new budget would add $3.5 Trillion to US Deficit!

The CBO has scored the Obama administration’s new budget, and their non-partisan analysis shows that Obama has no plan to reduce the huge deficit that the Democrats and his administration have exploded.

The CBO analysis of Obama’s budget exposes what Obama and the Democrats don’t want you to know; that Obama and the Democrats have no idea how to reduce the Obama administration’s rampant over-spending, and are hell-bent on bankrupting our nation as quickly as possible!

President Obama’s budget would pile up an additional $3.5 trillion in debt over the next 10 years and shows the government’s trust funds running

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Obama’s Failed “Stimulus” Didn’t Create Jobs – Only Stole Jobs From Other Companies

We can now see that the Obama administration and Democrats have been lying about Obama’s wealth-spreading “Stimulus” creating jobs, when in reality, Obama’s failed job-killing, wealth-spreading “stimulus” didn’t actually create jobs for the unemployed. The “stimulus” only stole workers from other companies where they were already employed.

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University has just released an important new study on the hiring practices of firms that used stimulus funds. It’s fairly comprehensive, based on over 1,300 surveys of managers and employees. There’s been very little good empirical data on the stimulus thus far, so the study contains a lot of valuable insights. Among the findings by authors Dan

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House Speaker John Boehner’s Reply to Obama’s Debt Ceiling Speech

This is a full  transcript of House Speaker John Boehner’s reply to Obama’s debt ceiling speech.

Read the transcript of Obama’s Debt Ceiling Speech Here.

Good evening. I’m John Boehner. I serve as Speaker of the whole House — of the members of both parties that you elect. These are difficult times in the life of our nation. Millions are looking for work, have been for some time, and the spending binge going on in Washington is a big part of the reason why.

Before I served in Congress, I ran a small business in Ohio. I was amazed at how different Washington DC operated than every business in America.

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Boehner Ends Dead-End Debt Limit Talks With Tax-Hungry Obama

Obama and most of the Democrats are not honestly in favor of lowering the debt. They do want to raise the debt ceiling and jack up taxes to feed their out-of-control spending, impose more and more job-killing regulations to further damage the economy, and increase the size of the government to try and make us more dependent on the free handouts, as many already are.

Obama and the Democrats have had plenty of time to get the majority of our problems figured out, yet they waited until the last second on the debt problem because they wanted the American People to feel as though their backs were against the wall, …

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