‘Yes We Can’ Social Club Busted for Drugs, Prostitution

I guess when people heard Obama’s tag line ‘Yes We Can’, they took that to mean they can literally do anything they want. With the crime and corruption they see has taken over the Democrat party, from the top down, it’s not surprising in the least.

Hell, if so many members of the Democrat Culture of Corruption feel it’s OK to evade paying taxes, having sex with prostitutes, using the Oval Office as their personal brothel, or hanging out with radical terrorists, it’s no wonder why this social club felt that they weren’t doing anything wrong.

St. Louis County police will release more information this afternoon about 30 people were taken into custody from a home in Bel-Ridge last week.

They were taken into custody shortly before midnight on August 11.

Police said they went

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Violent Thug Union Criminals Vandalize, Try to Murder Non-Union Competition

This is another story about violent union thuggery that none of the corrupt liberal media will show you – not even to catch a violent criminal who is on the loose.

A man who runs a large non-union electrical contracting company was shot by union thugs after the victim walked outside to find the union thug criminals vandalizing his property by slashing his tires and scribing the word “SCAB” in the paint of his Hummer truck.

The violent thug union member then pulled out a gun and shot the startled non-union company owner, before getting away. The gun shot victim is expected to make a full recovery, but that does not diminish the severity of the violent crimes perpetrated by these union thugs who need to be caught and made an example of.

The corrupt …

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Green Technology Company, Given Millions By Democrats, Files for Bankruptcy

A company (Evergreen Solar Inc.,) that received a $58 million financial aid package from Democrats to build a Bay State factory, has now filed for bankruptcy.

The Democrats have proved that they have no clue how to help businesses, create jobs, or to balance a budget, and now we are learning about the Democrat’s horrible track record in the companies that they gave our money to.

I just wonder how much money Evergreen Solar Inc. donated to the Democrats before receiving the $58 million gift???
My guess is that they donated a lot..

Evergreen Solar Inc., the Marlboro clean-energy company that received millions in state subsidies to build an ill-fated Bay State factory, has filed for bankruptcy.

Evergreen, which closed its taxpayer-supported Devens factory in March and cut 800 jobs, has been trying to rework

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Thus guy is great! I don’t agree with not paying your bills though, which would only make things worse. We are not corrupt thugs like the Democrats who don’t pay their bills and evade paying their taxes.

Stand Up To Government Corruption and Hypocrisy – usbacklash.org

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US Taxpayers Pay Monthly Salaries To Terrorists Prisoners, Wives, Children

This is unbelievable! US taxpayers pay monthly salaries to terrorists, including their wives and children, while they sit in jail for murdering U.S. citizens. “These are people who planned, directed and took part in the intentional sadistic slaughter of civilian men, women and children, at point blank range.” Why do terrorists, or anyone for that matter, get paid for sitting in prison? They should be put out of our misery instead of being paid to rot in prison.

Every single Palestinian Authority terrorist held in an Israeli jail receives a monthly salary from the PA. Terrorists who committed the most heinous crimes – and therefore received longer sentences – receive the most money, according to a report in Israeli paper Yisrael Hayom.

Citing a report received by a senior government official in Jerusalem, the paper

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Whack-Job Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee Is Out Of Touch With Reality

Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee’s attack on Republicans is a feeble attempt to push blame for our current financial situation away from those who actually deserve it, like the Obama administration and Democrats who increased our nation’s debt by $4 Trillion in his first 19 months, which historically is more than all previous Presidents from Washington through Reagan COMBINED.

Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) is a complete wacko nut-job, who probably needs to take her medication and go lay down somewhere. At least until she comes back to reality, or gets removed from office. Seeing how completely out-of-touch with reality Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee really is, it would be best for the country if she was removed from office.

Sounds more like an idiot Rep has no clue about what is going on, and is just sticking up …

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Obama Makes Military Weaker By Ending Ban On Openly Gay Soldiers

Democrats hate the military, and it seems that Obama and the Democrats are trying to start the quick decline of our nation’s military and homeland security by allowing gay soldiers to serve openly.

Soon, we will be seeing lawsuits brought by gay soldiers who were instructed not to wear their pink undershirts, neck scarfs, and earrings.

President Barack Obama has formally repealed the ban on gays serving openly in the U.S. military.

Administration officials say Obama on Friday signed a certification ending the 17-year-old “don’t ask don’t tell” policy on sexual orientation.

The president took the step, as expected, after meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Adm. Mike Mullen, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman. As laid out in a law passed in December, the repeal will take effect 60 days from now. The

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Modern Poverty Includes AC, Flat Screen TVs, DVD players, Gaming Systems

Take a look at the perks that the poor in our nation enjoy. (most of the people in poverty status do not pay any taxes, but seemingly rake in the perks, most likely due to free money given to them by the American People)

  • Over 65% have more than one TV
  • Over 63% have cable or satellite TV
  • Over 50% have a cellular phone

When Americans think of poverty, we tend to picture people who can’t adequately shelter, clothe, and feed themselves or their families.

When the Census Bureau defines “poverty,” though, it winds up painting more than 40 million Americans — one in seven — as “poor.”

Census officials continue to grossly exaggerate the numbers of the poor, creating a false picture in the public mind of widespread material deprivation, writes Heritage Foundation senior

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