Overboard School Security Now Punishes Children for Imaginary Weapons

Second-grade student suspended for lobbing imaginary grenade

Second-grade student suspended for lobbing imaginary grenade

This is fucking ridiculous!

Brain Dead Liberals At Work…
A 7 year old was suspended from the second-grade at Mary Blair Elementary School for lobbing an imaginary grenade while playing on the playground during recess.

The child did not have anything in his hand, did not actually throw anything, and made no threats toward anyone else, yet the mentally-challenged jackasses who run Mary Blair Elementary School felt it necessary to suspend the child.

Complete idiocy on the part of the school!
If my kids were enrolled in the Mary Blair Elementary School, I would pull them out so fast the principal’s head would …

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Before Obama Speaks Secret Service Confiscates Forks at National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Conference

Obama attends many dinners where the high-money guests are allowed to keep their knives and forks the entire time that Obama is speaking, but Obama does not extend the same courtesy to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, when speaking at their annual conference.

Before Obama entered the room, the knives were removed, and the Secret Service confiscated all of he forks at each table.

Is Obama anti-Latino, or does Obama think that he is less safe in a room of elected Latinos and appointed Latino officials than he is with the out-of-touch crowd of rich liberal Hollywood stars, and former terrorists he usually hangs out with?…

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Obama Tries Keeping White House Visitor Logs Secret & Off-Limits

So much for the Obama administration being an open and transparent administration, as they claimed rthey would be in order to be elected.

Once elected though, the Obama administration has turned out to be the most corrupt, closed, and secretive administration in the history of our nation.

What is the Obama administration hiding?

What new scandals, crony capitalism, corruption, fraud, or radical terrorist friends would we learn about from looking onto who has been visiting Obama?

The Obama administration is appealing a judge’s ruling that Secret Service records of visitors to the White House complex are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Justice Department filed a

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5 Dead, 23 Injured Over Violent Chicago Holiday Weekend

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is really doing a bang-up job isn’t he? NOT!

This just goes to show when you put corrupt thugs in office, the other corrupt thug jackasses know they can come out of the woodwork with a wave of violence, and no repercussions from their followers on the left. Instead, Rahm Emanuel praised the Chicago public safety agencies that allowed the violence to escalate in the first place.

“I commend the City’s public safety agencies and employees for their efforts to make this year’s event the safest in recent memory,”

5 Dead and 23 injured in the Chicago July 4th weekend, and Emanuel says that it is …

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