98% of Young Black Women Racist, Brainwashed Into Voting For KKK Democrat Slave Masters

98% of young black women are either completely stupid, were brainwashed by government handouts to support Obama and the party of slavery and the party who started the KKK, or plain racist. How else can you explain the overwhelming support for the worst president in US history, and blacks voting for the party of slavery and the KKK?

The truth is that Black people will never stop voting for the party that hands out the most free stuff, and even more so when there is a black (actually an Oreo – half and half) president stealing from everyone who makes a living to give the free handouts.

I’m convinced that we are seeing a quick increase in the decline of America, and Democrats have taken our nation past the point of no return down down …

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Boehner Ends Dead-End Debt Limit Talks With Tax-Hungry Obama

Obama and most of the Democrats are not honestly in favor of lowering the debt. They do want to raise the debt ceiling and jack up taxes to feed their out-of-control spending, impose more and more job-killing regulations to further damage the economy, and increase the size of the government to try and make us more dependent on the free handouts, as many already are.

Obama and the Democrats have had plenty of time to get the majority of our problems figured out, yet they waited until the last second on the debt problem because they wanted the American People to feel as though their backs were against the wall, and that a Democrat plan must be crammed through as soon as possible. They did the same thing with their socialist takeovers of private sector …

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