Occupy Idiots Protest Having to Pay Student Loan Debt

The socialist ‘Occupy’ idiots are now protesting the fact that they have to pay off their student loans, at the headquarters of Sallie Mae, saying that they should not be forced to pay off their education loans.

“What do we want? NO DEBT! When do we want it? NOW!”
“Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Student Debt Has Got To Go!”

Why these brain-dead ‘Occupy’ idiots think that anyone owes them anything is beyond me.

I took out large personal student loans, through Sallie Mae, when I went through college, bu I didn’t cry and think that someone else should pay my bills, like these jackasses are doing.

I paid off my loans, even though my interest rate was far higher than it is now.

The bottom line is – If you took out a student loan, …

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