Obama Was Aware of Big Problems at Fisker Before Handing Out $529 Million Loan

Obama Was Aware of Big Problems at Fisker Before Handing Out $529 Million LoanObama and his cronies are complete fucking criminals! Is this REALLY news? Why is everyone so f’ing stupid?

After all of the green energy failures that Obama has presided over, we are now starting to get breaking reports that the Obama administration knew about, and ignored serious pre-existing problems with the each of the companies that he threw $ billions of our money at?

Every one of the green energy companies that Obama wasted our money on were already dead, shells of companies that were designed to take huge loans from the government, and then file bankruptcy. Allowing Obama’s friends and supporters who ran the shill companies to pocket $ millions of free money, in return for campaign bundling, and voter fraud.

Newly released documents show that the Obama administration was warned as early as

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John Kerry Used Privileged Insider Information To Rake In $ Millions In Dirty Money?

John Kerry seems to know how to beat the system, and has worked overtime, allegedly using privileged insider information regarding the policies the Obama administration and the Democrats were enacting, to scam his way into $ millions in dirty money.

There needs to be an investigation into the rampant corruption in our government, and after the probe has been completed, we should throw all of the criminals in prison for a very long time!

Failed Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry’s (D., Mass.) long history of ethically dubious investments could invite controversy as he takes on a new role as a “top surrogate” for President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Kerry’s net worth as listed on his 2011 financial disclosure form is at least $193 million and likely much higher, making him the wealthiest member of the

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Obama Admin Wanted to Bailout Solyndra Friends Just Before Bankruptcy

The Obama administration considered a government bailout for their friends at Solyndra, just days before the failed solar company filed for bankruptcy, and well after the Obama administration knew the company was in an unrecoverable tailspin.

That’s the Obama administration in a nutshell. They knew that they had just wasted a half billion dollars of taxpayer money, and instead of cutting their losses, and coming clean, instead they want to throw more of our money down the toilet and to their friends and supporters.

Why the American People are continuing to put up with Obama’s complete corruption, and lack of any usable knowledge or experience to help us get out of the unbelievable economic disaster his party and administration have caused.

Days before a solar panel maker collapsed, the Obama administration considered a bailout that

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Another Obama Green Energy Company Files for Bankruptcy After Receiving $43 Million Government Loan

Yet another one of the companies that Obama’s Energy Department gave $43 million in government-backed loans has filed for bankruptcy, sticking the American taxpayer with the bill.

Just as we have seen with Solyndra, Sun Power, and others, the Obama administration doesn’t worry about how much of our money is being wasted. They only care about how much money and support their wasteful and criminal spending will return to their re-election campaign.

The Obama administration’s inability to not waste money is becoming more than a problem, and we need to do everything in our power to stop the wasteful and most likely criminal abuse and waste of our tax dollars.

A Massachusetts company that received a $43 million Energy Department loan guarantee last year filed for bankruptcy Sunday, a step certain to fuel criticism of

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Crony Corruption: Obama Advisor David Prend was Solyndra Investor & Solyndra Inside Man at WH

Obama Advisor David Prend was Solyndra Investor & Inside Man for Solyndra at WH

Obama Advisor David Prend was Solyndra Investor & Inside Man for Solyndra at WH

The Soylndra Solar Panel green-jobs scandal gets worse for the Obama administration everyday, and we are now learning of a new figure central to the Obama scandal which gave his friends and supporters over $500 billion of taxpayer money, just before going bankrupt.

David Prend is an Obama adviser, who pushed hard for the $500 million federal loan guarantee, even though Rockport Capital, Mr. Prend’s company, stood to greatly benefit from the loan because Rockport Capital was an investor and partial owner of Solyndra.

These “Green Jobs Scandals” go all the way to the top of the Obama administration, and they are currently doing their best to mitigate the damages by covering up their roles in the scandals. We will probably …

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Obama’s Energy Department Ignored Treasury Warning on Legality of Solyndra Loan Restructuring

Obama Emanuel Chicagoland Solyndra Loan Restructuring Scandal

Obama Emanuel Chicagoland Solyndra Loan Restructuring Scandal

Before the Obama administration Energy Dept illegally restructured the Solyndra loan, to assure that Obama’s friends and supporters would be paid back BEFORE the U.S. Taxpayer, they were warned by Mary Miller, the assistant Treasury secretary, that doing so could be illegal, and urged Obama’s Energy Department to consult with the Justice Department before restructuring the Solyndra loan.

Obama and his Energy Department think that they are above the law though, and followed through with the restructuring anyway, without clearing the with the Justice Department.

We hope more info continues to come out, so that we can get to the bottom of how the $500 billion Solyndra loan deal, the loan restructuring, and also who in the Obama administration knew what and when. Unfortunately, most of the real …

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Obama Admin Planned Additional $469 Million for Solyndra As Financial Troubles Worsened

Now we are learning that, even as Solyndra’s financial situation grew worse and worse, the Obama administration still planned on approving an additional $469 million loan to the now bankrupt solar panel manufacturer, which would have increased the total loss to the American People to over $1 billion.

Obama Admin Planned Additional $469 Million for Solyndra As Financial Troubles Worsened

Obama Admin Planned Additional $469 Million for Solyndra As Financial Troubles Worsened

We would think that Obama administration has their head stuck up their butts, but were pretty sure that the Obama administration knew exactly what they were doing when they gave the $ billions in loans to a failing company, which was run by Obama friends and supporters.

In reality, it’s becoming more clear that Obama really just gave a half billion dollars of our money to his friends and supporters, as a “Thank You” for …

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Solyndra Execs Cover for Obama, Refuse To Answer Questions

The Democrats have started implementing the same spin-job they use when one of them gets caught not paying their taxes.
“Oh, it was just a mistake. We missed some signs that showed that there were problems with the company”

How do you miss the signs that a company is not deserving of a half billion dollar government loan, when just a few weeks earlier, the Bush administration rejected the exact same loan request. The corruption-filled Obama administration rushed to re-initiate the loan offer to Solyndra knowing full well that they were throwing the American People’s money right down the toilet, as a “Thank You” and a big wet kiss from Obama to one of Obama’s major donors, George Kaiser, and the other Solyndra executives and shareholders.

We heard Obama’s donor George Kaiser had invested $75 …

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