Chelsea Clinton Would Not Have Been Born if Great Grandmother Had Access to Planned Parenthood

Chelsea Clinton complains that her Great Grandmother “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

Democrats love abortions more than they love babies - Chelsea Clinton Would Not Have Been Born if Great Grandmother Had Access to Planned Parenthood

Democrats love abortions more than they love babies

It’s probably a good thing for the Clintons that Planned Parenthood was not available back before Hillary’s Mother was born, because given the sick propensity for brain-dead liberals to murder their babies with abortions, it is very likely that Chelsea and many other Clintons would have been aborted, their brains scrambled and sucked out, and would have been delivered in pieces.

It’s funny how liberals and Democrats try and make people think that they care about babies, but liberals and Democrats make up a huge majority of the people murdering their babies. Liberals and Democrats will fight harder for their right to murder defenseless babies …

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Sick Chinese Flush Live Newborn Down Toilet – Common Problem in China

What kind of sick and demented people can flush a live newborn baby down the toilet? The Chinese, that’s who.


This exact same crime goes on probably hundreds of times a day throughout China, but a live infant probably doesn’t often survive getting chucked in the drain pipe. Since the baby was alive and heard by someone with a heart, this allowed firefighters a chance to save the baby, and also gave the media a good opportunity to display the diseased way of thinking about children in China.

I wish cruel and heartless Chinese parents, like these who flushed their alive newborn baby down the toilet, could be brought to the United States for punishment!

Firefighters in eastern China have rescued an abandoned newborn baby boy lodged in a sewage pipe.

The infant was

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Planned Parenthood Allegedly Filed $28 Million Worth of Fraudulent Medicaid Claims in Last 10 Years

Planned Parenthood is in some trouble after claims by a former employee that Planned Parenthood knowingly filed “repeated false, fraudulent, and/or ineligible claims for reimbursements” from Medicaid.

The whistle blower claims that Planned Parenthood “has scammed American taxpayers by filing nearly 500,000 fraudulent Medicaid claims over 10 years, netting the organization an illicit $28 million.” and “Planned Parenthood could be ordered to pay the United States and Iowa as much as $5.5 billion in False Claims Act damages and penalties.”

So, on top of killing babies on the taxpayer dime, now Planned Parenthood is stealing from us, and then using our stolen money to provide more abortions.

We should push hard to have the publicly funded Planned Parenthood closed down once and for all. If Planned Parenthood wants to be the nation’s top abortion outlet,

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