Obama Campaign Staff Falsely Posed as Election Officials to Gain Access to High Schools

Obama Campaign Staff Falsely Posed as Election Officials to Gain Access to High Schools

Obama Campaign Staff Falsely Posed as Election Officials to Gain Access to High Schools

The Obama administration has sunk to a new low – falsely, and probably illegally, impersonating election officials to gain access to high schools, and then spreading Obama propaganda and lies to the unsuspecting high school students, once Obama’s infiltrators had successfully lied their way into the high school.

There needs to be a full investigation into this very serious matter, and any Obama staffers who falsely impersonated election officials, and entered schools under those false pretenses, should be arrested and charged to the full extent of the law.

This morning, I wrote about the Obama campaign spreading misinformation about early voting in Pasco County, Florida. The effort is an obvious attempt to confuse voters and potentially reduce the number of GOP

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Racist Black Caucus Members Plan Walk-Out at Holder Contempt Vote

Racist Black Caucus members plan to further obstruct the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s investigation of the failed Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal and subsequent coverup.

Democrats have tried to make different assertions, to see which one sticks, but all of their excuses are just more lies from the most corrupt administration in US history who claimed executive privilege to try and obstruct justice and keep documents hidden that should be part of the investigation.

Assertion 1: Democrats want people to believe that the investigation of holder is just an “election year tactic” by Republicans to try and hurt Obama in the upcoming landslide.. I mean election.
* The truth is that the investigation of Fast and Furious, and the subpoena for documents, which Holder has been obstructing, are a year and a half …

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31 Senators Sign Letter Demanding Holder Appoint Special Prosecutor in Obama Admin Leak Investigation

In a fresh call for special counsel to investigation Obama’s national-security leaks, now 31 senators have signed a letter demanding that Eric Holder stop playing games with the investigation, and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leaks.

This is definitely not something that the corrupt Obama administration or corrupt Holder Justice Department wants to do, and it will be like pulling teeth to try and get the Democrats to run a real investigation, instead of the fake cover-up attempts they have been after by using their own inside people to investigate themselves.

Thirty-one Republican senators have signed a letter calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately appoint a special counsel to investigation national-security leaks from the executive branch.

“The numerous national-security leaks reportedly originating out of the executive branch in recent months have

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Do-Nothing Democrats – Democrat-Controlled Senate is Laziest in 20 Years

Anyone who watches news channels which are not in the back pocket of the Obama administration will be able to tell you that the Obama administration is the laziest and worst administration in US history, and now we are seeing new reports which show beyond doubt that the Democrats are the laziest party in the last 20 years!

Obama and the Dumbocrats haven’t even been able to pass a federal budget in over 3 years!

Throw out the Democrat Bums, and get some Conservatives in office, who will actually do their job.

For those who need proof that the Senate was a do-nothing chamber in 2011 beyond the constant partisan bickering and failure to pass a federal budget, there is now hard evidence that it was among the laziest in 20 years.

In her latest

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