Overboard School Security Now Punishes Children for Imaginary Weapons

Second-grade student suspended for lobbing imaginary grenade

Second-grade student suspended for lobbing imaginary grenade

This is fucking ridiculous!

Brain Dead Liberals At Work…
A 7 year old was suspended from the second-grade at Mary Blair Elementary School for lobbing an imaginary grenade while playing on the playground during recess.

The child did not have anything in his hand, did not actually throw anything, and made no threats toward anyone else, yet the mentally-challenged jackasses who run Mary Blair Elementary School felt it necessary to suspend the child.

Complete idiocy on the part of the school!
If my kids were enrolled in the Mary Blair Elementary School, I would pull them out so fast the principal’s head would spin!

A 7-year-old Mary Blair Elementary School student says he’s confused about getting in trouble for trying to save the world from evil, though Thompson

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“Global Warming” Cycle Ended 16 Years Ago – Liberals Ignore Science To Push Man-Made Warming Lies

"Global Warming" Cycle Ended 16 Years Ago - Liberals Ignore Science To Push Lies

“Global Warming” Cycle Ended 16 Years Ago – Liberals Ignore Science To Push Lies

Liberals have long ignored science when it goes against their beliefs, and “Global Warming” is just another example.

Liberals ignore the science that shows “Global Warming” is not just warming, but a global cycle where temperatures fluctuate up and down, because it doesn’t fit in with the narrative that fills their pockets with money.

The Earth is in a continual cycle of heating and cooling that takes place so gradually that most in the scientific community have missed it. Many have missed it. There are also many others who know the truth but ignore it.

If the Earth had a rigidly set temperature, then we would either have never had an ice age, or the world would still be iced over.…

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Unhinged Al Gore Clings To Debunked Climate Change Sham

Al Gore, who has been making millions upon millions of dollars off the global warming lie, which was cooked up by Gore and some of his crooked “scientists”, is unhappy that everyone doesn’t agree with the sham science used to back up the false claim of man-made global warming.

Gore goes as far as to say that the people who don’t agree with him have been paying “pseudo-scientists” to debunk the climate change scam, but as Democrats always do, they accuse the other side of doing exactly what they are doing. It has been shown time and time again that the people pretending to be scientists to back up Gore’s lie, are nothing more than scam artists, who shaped data, and used faulty science to perpetuate the Global Warming lie.

Most REAL scientists can see …

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