Hilarious Video: Liberal Tool Lawrence O’Donnell Attacks Anthony Weiner “What’s Wrong With You?”

We have never agreed with Lawrence O’Donnell – not once – until now.

What IS wrong with Anthony Weiner? Why does Anthony Weiner feel that anyone wants him in the office of Mayor of NY, when in reality Anthony Weiner is the laughing stock of the country?

Even while trailing in the polls, with only 7% support, Weiner Boy still says that he thinks he will be the next mayor of NY. So on top of being a complete idiot, he seems to be dumb as a box of rocks as well.

Anthony Weiner took a beating on the night before the mayoral primary from MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, who repeatedly asked the scandal-scarred Democratic candidate, “What is wrong with you?”

The TV host turned his show, “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” into a

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Out of Touch: Democrat Senate Candidate Lachowicz “Slacks Off At Work” to Play Wold of Warcraft

An out-of-touch Democrat candidate for a state Senate seat in Maine, Colleen Lachowicz, says that she “slacks off at work” to play an online fantasy game called World of Warcraft.

Democrat Senate Candidate Lachowicz "Slacks Off At Work" to Play Wold of Warcraft

Democrat Senate Candidate Lachowicz “Slacks Off At Work” to Play Wold of Warcraft

Colleen Lachowicz must spend an average of 22.7 hours per week playing to be an average player in World of Warcraft, but
“Colleen is playing at level 85 – the highest level one can attain”, so she must spend much more than 22 hours a week caught up in a fantasy world, instead of doing her actual job.

Colleen Lachowicz is the Democratic candidate for state Senate seat in Maine. She also leads a “time-consuming double life” as a powerful orc in the online fantasy role-playing game World of Warcraft, says the

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Obama: I Was “Too Busy” To Help Failed Wisconsin Recall Election

Obama is saying that he supported Democratic candidate Tom Barrett in the attempted recall of Gov. Scott Walker, but as president, he has a lot of responsibilities, and was just too busy to help.

We all know what Obama was doing during the run-up to the recall election. Obama did not concern himself with his supporters in Wisconsin during the recall election. Instead, Obama was hiding from the recall because he knew they were going to lose, and didn’t want another loss on his record, for the people he has tried to support. Obama was also campaigning for himself, and rubbing elbows with Hollywood personalities, willing to pay thousands of dollars to have dinner, or take a picture with Obama.

So when Obama says that he was too busy for the citizens of Wisconsin, he

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