Gangs Have Been Allowed to Increase by 40% Since Obama Elected – Has No Plans to Reduce Rampant Black on Black Violence

Obama and his cronies like the racist and inept Democrat congressman Bobby Rush, have not only watched the violence increase and flourish around the country and especially around Chicago, but they have actually encouraged the violence through their speech, actions, and especially non-action.

And so you have a congressman whose own district is bleeding, who puts on a hoodie as a symbolic act, but he doesn't do anything about the gangs in his own district.

And so you have a congressman whose own district is bleeding, who puts on a hoodie as a symbolic act, but he doesn’t do anything about the gangs in his own district.

According to Newt Gingrich, who definitely knows what he is talking about, gang violence in Chicago is up 40% since Obama took office, and of the 500 people were killed last year in Chicago, 74 percent of them were African-American.

The Obama administration, as well as many Democrats, have shown on a number of occasions that they stand with the …

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Now John Kerry’s State Dept. May Stonewall Congress on Benghazi Subpoena

Now John Kerry's State Dept. May Stonewall on Congressional Benghazi Subpoena

Now John Kerry’s State Dept. May Stonewall on Congressional Benghazi Subpoena

It looks like the Obama administration has gotten to John Kerry, and it seems that Kerry will inevitably be dragged by the ear into helping the Obama administration cover up their inept mishandling and outright lies surrounding the Benghazi Terrorist Attack.

We thought that John Kerry would be one of the only stand-up Democrats that would not feel the overwhelming need to coverup other Democrat’s mistakes, and actually comply with the congressional subpoena.

We certainly hope John Kerry does the right thing, and fully cooperates with the congressional investigation into the Obama administration’s inept mishandling of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack and subsequent coverup by corrupt members of this administration.


Spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Wednesday that the State

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Obama Apology of America Tour Blames U.S. For Mexico Violence – No Mention of Fast & Furious

Obama continues his ongoing Apology of America Tour in Mexico, blaming the U.S as the cause of the out-of-control violence in Mexico, not the powerful Mexican drug cartels, who have taken over the entire country, including every level of the government – if you can even call what they currently have, a government.

During Obama’s Mexican Apology of America Tour, while blaming the U.S. for the guns in Mexico that come from the United States, Obama says that we are the “root cause” of violence and guns in Mexico, but made no mention of the Fast & Furious scandal, which was run entirely by the Obama administration, where Obama’s people allowed thousands of high-powered guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels, and never tracked the guns, which have been used in many crimes, and …

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Congress to Further Investigate Benghazi-Gate & Coverup Despite Democrat Stonewalling

Finally! On Fox News this morning, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy revealed that more “explosive” Benghazi hearings are “coming quickly”.

“There’s a reason we don’t let kids grade their own papers in school, and there’s a reason we don’t let defendants sentence themselves in court. And the State Dept should not be the ones investigating whether the State Department did a good job. It should be Congress, and it’s going to be Congress very shortly.”

“Trust me when I tell you, you will want to follow the hearings that are coming up”

I’m sure we will see a whole lot of stonewalling, coverups, and lies by Obama officials in the upcoming hearings, but then again, Democrats have a lot to lose if the truth were to actually get out.

Unfortunately YouTube has removed these videos from

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Violent Chicago Democrat Obama Supporters Shoot 3.8 People Every Day

African Americans are shooting more people in Chicago every week, and the tally has reached 3.8 shootings a day, or one shooting every 6.3 hours! What?


It’s probably not a big leap to say that the majority of the African Americans living in Chicago are Democrats who supported Obama, and if this is the case, then we would have to say that African American Democrat Obama supporters, living in Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago, are very violent!

Could the Democrats be behind the increase in gun violence to try and force their gun control on us? I wouldn’t put it past them because they have already done that exact thing using the Fast and Furious Gun Walking Scheme, which was designed to put high-powered guns in the hand of drug dealers and other violent criminals.…

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Proposed Immigration Bill Gives Amnesty to Illegals, Relatives and Previously Deported – Does Not Secure Border

Proposed Immigration Bill Gives Amnesty to Illegals, Relatives and Previously Deported - Does Not Secure BorderThe proposed Democrat immigration bill getting rammed through congress at the moment actually gives amnesty to illegal aliens, their relatives, and previously deported illegal aliens. What the huge immigration bill does not do is secure the border.

This will create a new black market for fake papers that show the illegal immigrant was in the country before the cut-off date, allowing them to enter the country illegally, at any date, and still be included in the Democrat Amnesty Program.

The sucking sound is getting louder by the minute, which is almost drowning out the Democrat Ban on Guns Drumbeat.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said today that the Senate immigration bill is even worse than feared, since it legalizes illegals’ relatives and even those previously deported:

“It’s hard to believe, but the Senate immigration bill is

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Rep. Ann McLane Kuster Tax Evasion – Typical Democrat Crime Goes Unpunished

Here we see one more example of Democrats who never pay their taxes, and we are quickly learning that it is not a crime to be a tax evader, if you are a Democrat.

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster Tax Evasion - Typical Democrat Crime Goes Unpunished

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster Tax Evasion – Typical Democrat Crime Goes Unpunished

Republicans usually pay their taxes, but if for some reason a Republican had tax problems, they would have gone straight to jail. Democrats, on the other hand are always able to weasel their way out of being held accountable for their crimes.

The whole group of corrupt Democrat tax evaders caught in the last few years should all be in prison, not in positions of power, where they have already proven that they cannot be trusted.

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (D., N.H.) owes nearly $11,000 in overdue property taxes

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Letterman’s Comes to Senses – Head Slipping Slightly Out of Own Butt

Liberals know that Obama lied over and over in the last presidential debate, and most don’t care – they would rather have a corrupt Democrat liar for a president, than a good, upstanding Republican.

We would usually put David Letterman into this category, but one video we just watched is giving us hope that Letterman may be coming to his senses, and may actually care about the honesty of the person who holds the highest position in our nation – and the world.

Letterman actually said that Obama lied (as usual) when attacking Romney, and that Romney was telling the truth. Is today bizarro day, or opposite day?

Alternate headline: Even Late Night Comedy Shows Must Interview Obama Off the Record. Noel Sheppard picks up David Letterman’s belated realization that Barack Obama — one of

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