Obamacare Will Charge Hidden “Abortion Fee” to Pay For 111,500 Abortions Per Year With Secret Abortion “Slush Fund”

Everyday we hear of all sorts of new problems just being learned about Obamacare. 5 more large businesses announce everyday that they will be laying off people, or lowering employee work hours due to Obamacare, People are losing their healthcare plans and access to their own doctors, and now we learn that Obamacare will be charging a secret and hidden Abortion Fee that will feed an “Abortion Slush Fund” to be used to provide abortions.

So once again, Obama, the Clueless Black Caucasian Liberal, wants to make everyone pay for abortions for tramps that can’t keep their panties up and legs shut, and just want to keep murdering hundreds of thousands of babies on the taxpayer’s dime.

Today, 72 congressmen sent a letter to House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) urging him to insert language

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Hypocritical Obama Administration Promises $1B in Taxpayer-Backed Corporate-Jet Subsidies

Hypocritical Obama Administration Promises $1B in Taxpayer-Backed Corporate-Jet Subsidies

Hypocritical Obama Administration Promises $1B in Taxpayer-Backed Corporate-Jet Subsidies

Back in 2011, when Obama’s failed policies and rampant overspending caused a debt ceiling fight with conservatives, Obama started attacking Republicans non-stop for giving “tax-break for corporate jets”, yet now the Obama administration is promising $1 billion dollars in taxpayer-backed subsidies for corporate jets.

This administration is the most corrupt, least experienced, bunch of lying jackass losers we have ever seen! It’s unbelievable how the Obama administration has been given a free pass on all of their failures and lies by the corrupt Obama-swooning media, but we feel that their time is nearing it’s end, and we will soon be rid of most of the corruption plaguing our nation.

Remember when Obama was railing on about “the tax-break for corporate jets,” during the debt-ceiling fights of

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Inept Harry Reid Wishes Tea Party Power Will Fade, Blames Republicans For The Obama, Democrat Downgrade

It’s funny to hear someone like inept Harry Reid, who came very close to losing his seat to a tea party Republican, talk about the demise of the Tea Party. Wishful thinking Harry, but it isn’t going to happen!

If Harry Reid thinks that the tea party is fading away, then just wait – Harry is in for some very big surprises!
The Tea Party is getting stronger every day, despite the corrupt liberal media attacking them. The Tea Party will take more seats away from corrupt Democrats in 2012, (maybe even Harry’s) at which time not even the corrupt Obama-Swooning liberal media or Harry Reid will not be able to deny the power of the people.

“Anyone who minimizes the Tea Party by extension minimizes the (Obama Administration’s) massive spending problems that created it …

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Obama Would Have Caused BBB S&P Rating If Not For Tea Party

Everyone who actually knows what is happening, and doesn’t have their heads stuck up their ass knows that Obama and the Democrats caused the financial problems that our country is currently facing.

Similarly, anyone who knows their ass from a hole in the wall knows that the Tea Party only protected us from the damage that the inept and corrupt Obama administration would have caused if not for the tea party, whom the left is attacking at every opportunity with trumped up charge of racism, terrorism, kidnapping, and any other abhorrent act that they can think up.

This is the same scorched earth politics of destruction that Obama and the Democrats have tried against anyone who has a different viewpoint than they have. Just ask Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Donald Trump.

Even Rick Santelli …

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Treasury: U.S. Borrowing Over 100% of GDP After Debt Ceiling Increase

The debt ceiling increase has helped raise our borrowing over 100% of GDP for the first time since 1947!
“The last time US debt topped the size of its annual economy was in 1947 just after World War II. By 1981 it had fallen to 32.5 percent.”

We are now borrowing $14.58 trillion, with a GDP of $14.53 trillion, showing that the Obama administration has no useful ideas, no experience, and no clue how to run a Capitalistic Democracy.

US debt shot up $238 billion to reach 100 percent of gross domestic project after the government’s debt ceiling was lifted, Treasury figures showed Wednesday.

Treasury borrowing jumped Tuesday, the data showed, immediately after President Barack Obama signed into law an increase in the debt ceiling as the country’s spending commitments reached a breaking point and

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Disgraced Democrat Rep. David Wu Still Hasn’t Resigned After Sex Scandal

Disgraced Democrat Rep. David Wu said that he would resign after casting his vote for the debt ceiling increase, but still hasn’t resigned after being caught in a sex scandal where he has been accused of having an “unwanted sexual encounter” with a teenager. Reports have also come out about another incident in 1976 where Wu was accused of attempted rape by a former girlfriend while attending Stanford University.

Once again, Democrat House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi has completely failed to clean up the unbelievable corruption running wild in her Democrat ranks, as she said that she would do. All she has really been doing is adding cover and excuses for the criminals around her.

Don’t worry, you didn’t blink and miss it. Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., is still a congressman. The embattled Democrat announced

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Debt Ceiling Sham Will Not Help Debt Or Stop Obama’s Over-Spending Binge

The more details that come out about the debt ceiling deal struck between the Republicans and Democrats, the more it seems that the deal will not help our nation’s debt problem, or stop Obama’s rampant over-spending binge. In fact, it will most likely make things much worse.

“The Congressional Budget Office currently projects that $9.5 trillion in new debt will have to be issued over the next 10 years. Even if all of the reductions proposed in the deal were to come to pass, which is highly unlikely, that would still leave $7.1 trillion in new debt accumulation by 2021. Our problems have not been solved by a long shot.”

We need to take away Obama’s Blank Check, and in order to save The United States, work to remove as much of the corruption from

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Obama Reponsible For 2 Largest Debt Ceiling Increases In U.S. History

I didn’t realize that before Obama got shoved into office, the largest debt increase was done by President Bush on March 27, 2003, and Bush only raised the debt ceiling by $984 billion.

The two largest debt ceiling increases have come from the Obama administration, in back-to-back years. Obama’s debt ceiling increase last year was the largest in the history of our country, and this new increase beats his old record by around $500 Billion.

So in two years, Obama has raised our debt ceiling $4.2 Trillion!!!!??? It makes sense, now that have to start paying for Obama’s out-of-control over-spending, which caused our financial mess in the first place.

Lets all work hard to get this out of control socialist idiot out of office as soon as possible!!!

The bill to increase the federal debt

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