Weak on Terror: Obama’s Red Line on Syria Chemical Weapons Morphs Into Flimsy Hollow Threats

Weak on Terror: Obama's Red Line on Syria Chemical Weapons Morphs Into Flimsy Hollow ThreatsAs usual Obama is full of shit, and weak on terror.

Obama stated that if Syria used chemical weapons on its people, it would be a “red line” requiring action by the U.S., but in reality, when he found out that Syria actually has used chemical weapons on it’s people, Obama changed his tune, and decided that the “Red Line” was too harsh.

This is the same weakness towards terror that we have seen here in the United States, which has allowed us to be successfully attacked at least 5 times in Obama’s first 4 years in office.

Maybe Americans will learn that Democrats, including Obama and Eric Holder, are …

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Obama Administration Lies, Uses Fallen U.S. Soldiers for Political Gain

The despicable Obama administration has gone against the wishes of our fallen soldiers’ families and allowed images to be taken at the ceremony when their bodies were brought back home.

When President Bush was in office, in order to try and make our president look bad, Obama and the Democrats lifted the ban on the media taking pictures of the caskets of our fallen soldiers, upon their return. The Democrats used the lifting of that ban at every opportunity to show the soldiers whose blood they claimed was on the hands of President Bush.

Now that Obama is in office though, they don’t want the American public to see all …

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