Not Just AP – Obama Corrupt DOJ Spying on FOX News Reporters Also – Calls Rosen “Co-conspirator”

Obama’s corrupt Department of Justice wasn’t just spying on the AP.
New evidence shows that Obama’s DOJ was also spying on FOX News reporters, and common sense says that there’s a good chance that many other news organizations were spied on as well.

Fire Holder and Impeach Obama

The Justice Department obtained a portfolio of information about a Fox News correspondent’s conversations and visits as part of an investigation into a possible leak, The Washington Post reported Monday — in the latest example of the government seizing records of journalists.

This follows the charge that the department secretly obtained two months of phone records from Associated Press journalists as part

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Employed D.C. Government Workers Received Over $800,000 Fraudulent Unemployment Checks

What do you bet that the majority of these “above the law” criminal jackasses who took fraudulent unemployment checks are Democrats??
I would bet almost anything that, out of the 90 employed D.C. government workers, who are scamming the government to get unwarranted and fraudulent unemployment checks, the majority of the criminals are Democrats.

Hopefully, the D.C. Department of Employment Services will release the names of the 90 criminal D.C. government workers, so we can see who these criminals are, and then make sure that these criminals never get another public or government job, as long as they live!

We already know what will happen when the criminals have a …

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