Green Technology Company, Given Millions By Democrats, Files for Bankruptcy

A company (Evergreen Solar Inc.,) that received a $58 million financial aid package from Democrats to build a Bay State factory, has now filed for bankruptcy.

The Democrats have proved that they have no clue how to help businesses, create jobs, or to balance a budget, and now we are learning about the Democrat’s horrible track record in the companies that they gave our money to.

I just wonder how much money Evergreen Solar Inc. donated to the Democrats before receiving the $58 million gift???
My guess is that they donated a lot..

Evergreen Solar Inc., the Marlboro clean-energy company that received millions in state subsidies to build an ill-fated

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Obama Would Have Caused BBB S&P Rating If Not For Tea Party

Everyone who actually knows what is happening, and doesn’t have their heads stuck up their ass knows that Obama and the Democrats caused the financial problems that our country is currently facing.

Similarly, anyone who knows their ass from a hole in the wall knows that the Tea Party only protected us from the damage that the inept and corrupt Obama administration would have caused if not for the tea party, whom the left is attacking at every opportunity with trumped up charge of racism, terrorism, kidnapping, and any other abhorrent act that they can think up.

This is the same scorched earth politics of destruction that Obama and the …

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