Obama’s Corrupt DOJ Leaked Documents To Smear Fast & Furious Whistleblowers & Aid in Coverup

Self Preservation: Obama Claims Executive Privilege Over Fast & Furious DocumentsWe need to re-open the investigations into Obama’s Fast & Furious scandal and coverup while we investigate the Obama administration’s 3 latest scandals.

I have heard liberals and conservatives saying how different Obama’s corruption, crimes, and coverups are from Watergate, and I agree that they were different, but nobody died in the Watergate scandal like they did in Benghazi-Gate.

Now we are learning that Obama’s DOJ actually leaked documents to try and smear the honest whistleblowers who dared speak out against the dangerous Obama machine.
Senior officials at the Obama’s Department of Justice even discussed attacking Dodson before documents were released to try and smear him.

Straight from the Democrat Sleezeball Playbook – When the most corrupt administration in US history doesn’t like you or what you have to say, they personally attack you in …

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Obama’s In-House Liar Jay Carney Is Funnier Than the Iraqi Information Minister

Watch this video. The whole thing is pretty funny, but Jay Carney actually utters the words “this administration has a record on transparency that out-does any previous administration” (question starts around the 7:00 mark)

HA!!! The Obama administration “record on transparency” is actually the least transparent, most secretive, closed, and corrupt administration in the history of the United States.

Fucking crazy! Part 1 has some nutty parts as well. Carney must think the American people are stupid, and he is certainly hoping that they can get the media back on their side. Otherwise, the rest of this scandal-ridden administration’s term may be cut very short.

Jay Carney reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, who denied that the United States Military was near Baghdad as US tanks were basically rolling by him. …

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Court #2 Rules Obama’s NLRB Recess Appointments Were Unconstitutional – Board Actions Invalid

LOL! When the shit hits Obama’s fan, it really does a job, doesn’t it?

Obama is in absolute hell right now dealing with at least 3 scandals that we know of, among other very bad news.

The latest bad news for the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States is that a second appeals court has ruled Obama’s pro forma session
recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional.

We knew, just as Obama knew, that what they were doing was unconstitutional and wrong, but they did it anyway because Team Obama feels that they are above the law, and in control of everything you and I do.

A second appeals court has joined the D.C. Circuit in ruling that President Barack Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations

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Obama Department of Justice Also Secretly Monitored House of Representative’s Cloak Room

Criminals-Obama-Holder-Pledge-Allegiance-to-IslamObama’s Department of Justice – What a joke! Obama should be Impeached, and people in the Obama administration should be in prison.

The Department of Justice should be called “Obama’s Department of Corruption and Self-Preservation”, because they have done nothing but obstruct justice, terrorize Americans, and protect terrorists.

Now we learn that besides the tapping of the Associated Press, they have also been eavesdropping on members of the House of Representatives.

There is no doubt that more and more details will be coming out regarding other groups target by Obama and his corrupt administration because there were/are a threat to Obama’s presidency.

California congressman Devin Nunes made the claim yesterday that the Justice Department wiretapped telephones in the House of Representative’s Cloak Room, an exclusive part of the Capitol where members are able to privately

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Obama Admin Threatening Benghazi Witnesses at State Dept, CIA

New Secret White House Benghazi Emails May Include WH Command Cancelling Help For Fallen Heroes

New Secret White House Benghazi Emails May Include WH Command Cancelling Help For Fallen Heroes

The most secretive and corrupt administration in the history of the United States is at it again.

The Obama administration really doesn’t want the true story of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack to get out, and new reports are coming out that Obama administration officials have been Threatening the whistle-blowers at the State Dept and CIA who are scheduled to testify before Congress about the attack.

Obama and his cronies knows that their coverup of the Benghazi-Gate Terrorist Attack is teetering dangerously towards the side of the truth, and they are doing everything possible to make sure that Obama’s big Benghazi secret doesn’t get out.

At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have retained

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Violent Chicago Democrat Obama Supporters Shoot 3.8 People Every Day

African Americans are shooting more people in Chicago every week, and the tally has reached 3.8 shootings a day, or one shooting every 6.3 hours! What?


It’s probably not a big leap to say that the majority of the African Americans living in Chicago are Democrats who supported Obama, and if this is the case, then we would have to say that African American Democrat Obama supporters, living in Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago, are very violent!

Could the Democrats be behind the increase in gun violence to try and force their gun control on us? I wouldn’t put it past them because they have already done that exact thing using the Fast and Furious Gun Walking Scheme, which was designed to put high-powered guns in the hand of drug dealers and other violent criminals.…

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Democrat Back Door Revocation of 2nd Amendment Starts to Unravel

The Obama administration Department of Homeland Security has been purchasing huge amounts of ammunition, which is the Democrat’s new not-so secret way of attacking the 2nd amendment and enacting sneaky back-door gun control by locking up all of the available ammunition, leaving none for legal gun owners.

:: Read Obama’s Backdoor War on 2nd Amendment: Corrupt DHS Secretive About Ammo Buy-Up ::

Of course the most secret, inept, and corrupt administration in the history of our nation, the Obama administration, will deny the obvious, and say the ammo is for training, but they now have enough ammo to kill every American around 20 times, and have said that they were actually planning on buying an additional 1.6 billion rounds over the next five years — for training.

Yea Right!! What a bunch of shit!

Maybe …

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House Panel to Probe Obama’s Use of Stolen $500 Million in Bailout Funds for MSNBC TV Ads

A House of Representatives panel has requested all records from the U.S. Department of Labor involving the half-million dollars that the Obama administration stole from the American People to pay off their corrupt media arm hacks – Rachel “Bull Dyke” Maddow and Keith “Wack-job” Olberman

We know that the Obama administration has done a good job of staying above the law, which allows the most corrupt administration in US history to continue breaking the law, with no fear of being held accountable. Hopefully this time it will be different, but as Obama’s corrupt Justice Department did, they will probably just not comply with the House order.

A House panel is calling on the U.S. Department of Labor to turn over all records involving a half-million dollar contract funded through President Obama’s $831 billion stimulus program

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