Democrat Congress Members Walk Out on Terry Family Justice

Democrats who walked out of the vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt really walked out on the Terry Family. Instead of staying and doing their jobs and casting a vote one way or the other, these jack-ass Democrats got up and walked out on the Terry Family.

To add insult to injury, Nancy Pelosi actually forgot the name of Brian Terry while expressing condolences to the Terry Family on the House floor. Pelosi called him “Brian Tay, Tay, Terry

Flashback: WH Press Secretary Forgets Name of Slain Border Patrol Agent

Stand Up To Government Corruption and Hypocrisy –

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CONTEMPT! Eric Holder Claims Emails Using Words ‘Fast and Furious’ Don’t Refer to ‘Fast and Furious’ Scandal & Coverup

John Boehner needs to stop stalling, and hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt! Eric Holder needs to be held accountable to Congress and the American People for his stonewalling, deception, and lies, as well as for the active coverup of the “Fast and Furious” Gun Running Scandal!

Eric Holder is unbelievable! This corrupt loser should be in prison, instead of in a position of power in our government! Eric Holder has abused his power, time and time again, for political gain, and self preservation.

Eric Holder is now trying to claim that emails that use the term ‘Fast and Furious’, and speak about ‘guns walking’ do not refer to the topic of investigation, which is the growing “Fast and Furious” Gun Running Scandal. Eric Holder is withholding documents that the investigation has asked for, …

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