Brain-Dead Jackass Ted Turner thinks it is “Good” that More US Soldiers are Committing Suicide

Ted Turner started to say that it was “terrific” that more US Soldiers are committing suicide, but changes thoughts in mid-sentence to say it was just “good”. Maybe he became a member of the Westboro Baptist Church who hate American Soldiers.

With Ted Turner being the founder of the cable “news” network, it is easy to see why CNN reports are always biased, and in many cases, CNN is anti-American. We know their founder hates America.

Ted Turner is not proud of our man and women in our military. Instead, he is actually happy that they are killing themselves.

Ted Turner is no better than the whack-jobs at the Westboro Baptist Church, who carry signs at US Soldier funerals, saying how God hates them.
Only terrorists, anti-Americans, and others that hate America would ever say …

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