Corrupt Obama Authorities Increase Wiretaps 71% In Just One Year – Only 12% of Wiretaps Were Incriminating

obama-spying-on-americansWhy did the number of secret Obama wiretaps increase 71% in just one year? The answer is that the Pro-Terrorist Obama would rather troll through American’s private communications of anti-administration foes to target, instead of targeting actual terrorists who plan of doing harm to the United States.

Out of 185,268 cellular phone intercepts, only 12 percent provided any incriminating evidence.

“We have a secret surveillance program churning in the background, sweeping in everyone’s communications,” – Mark Rumold of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Federal authorities’ use of wiretaps to intercept wire, oral and electronic communications in criminal investigations jumped substantially in 2012, versus the prior year, according to figures obtained by the Washington Post.

Federal courts reportedly authorized a total of 1,354 wiretaps in 2012, up from 792 in 2011, a 71 percent increase in the

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$1.6 BILLION In Taxpayer Money Spent On Free Cellphones & Cellular Service For the Poor!

This is completely wrong!! LAST YEAR ALONE, our wasteful, brain-dead government, led by the weak, ultra-liberal, know-nothing Obama, spent $1.6 Billion to provide free cell phones and free cell phone service to the poor.

Why is the ability of the poor to make cellular phone calls a necessity that U.S. Taxpayers have to be stuck on the hook to pay for?

Many of us grew up when there were not many cell phones, and everyone was still able to call one another.
They may not have been able to talk on the phone while away from a land line, like when driving, but we did not all die because we didn’t have cell phones.

I don’t have Netflix, so maybe the government will pay for my Netflix account as well?? I’m not a liberal piece …

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Feds: ‘Poor’ People Spend Money Like ‘Rich’ People Spend Money

Obama likes creating more unrest in America, by promoting the Democrat Class Warefare agenda that Obama has been using since before he took office.

Unfortunately for the Obama administration, two recent Department of Agriculture surveys have backed-up out July 19 2011 piece titled “Modern Poverty Includes AC, Flat Screen TVs, DVD players, Gaming Systems“, which says there is not much different between the way that ‘poor’ people spend money and they way that ‘rich’ people spend money.

Over 74% of the poor own a car or truck
Over 65% have more than one TV
Over 63% of the poor have cable or satellite TV
Over 50% of the poor have a cellular phone

As President Obama crafts a reelection income equality message aimed at punishing the rich and rewarding the poor, his own

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