Another Obama Green Energy Company Files for Bankruptcy After Receiving $43 Million Government Loan

Yet another one of the companies that Obama’s Energy Department gave $43 million in government-backed loans has filed for bankruptcy, sticking the American taxpayer with the bill.

Just as we have seen with Solyndra, Sun Power, and others, the Obama administration doesn’t worry about how much of our money is being wasted. They only care about how much money and support their wasteful and criminal spending will return to their re-election campaign.

The Obama administration’s inability to not waste money is becoming more than a problem, and we need to do everything in our power to stop the wasteful and most likely criminal abuse and waste of our tax dollars.…

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Obama’s New $1.2 Billion SunPower Loan Scandal – Twice As Big As Solyndra

Obama's New $1.2 Billion SunPower Loan Scandal - Twice as big as Solyndra

Obama's New $1.2 Billion SunPower Loan Scandal - Twice as big as Solyndra

The Obama administration gave another obviously failing California solar company $1.2 billion in federal loan guarantees, even though the company had only weeks earlier announced that they would be building a new manufacturing plant in Mexicali, Mexico to manufacturer the solar panels.

So much for American jobs, as well as so much for the billions of our tax dollars the Obama administration flushed down the toilet, as payouts to their friends and supporters.

The Obama administration – Corruption and Crony Capitalism at it’s finest.

How did a failing California solar company, buffeted by short sellers and shareholder

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Obama’s Energy Department Ignored Treasury Warning on Legality of Solyndra Loan Restructuring

Obama Emanuel Chicagoland Solyndra Loan Restructuring Scandal

Obama Emanuel Chicagoland Solyndra Loan Restructuring Scandal

Before the Obama administration Energy Dept illegally restructured the Solyndra loan, to assure that Obama’s friends and supporters would be paid back BEFORE the U.S. Taxpayer, they were warned by Mary Miller, the assistant Treasury secretary, that doing so could be illegal, and urged Obama’s Energy Department to consult with the Justice Department before restructuring the Solyndra loan.

Obama and his Energy Department think that they are above the law though, and followed through with the restructuring anyway, without clearing the with the Justice Department.

We hope more info continues to come out, so that we can get to the bottom of how …

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Crony Capitalism: Obama Fundraiser Pushed Administration for Solyndra Deal – And Won

Steven J. Spinner, a high-tech consultant and energy investor who raised at least $500,000 for Obama, pushed the Department of Energy to grant the $500 million loan to now bankrupt Solyndra.

Why is Obama and the Democrat party bowing down to their fundraisers at every opportunity?

Could it be because they know the Democrats are going to be in a world of hurt afte the 2012 elections, and want to keep the corrupt money flowing to their party? We think so.

An elite Obama fundraiser hired to help oversee the administration’s energy loan program pushed and prodded career Department of Energy officials to move faster in approving a loan guarantee

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Obama’s Energy Department Approves Two More Solyndra-Like Loans

Meet the next two Solyndra-like Obama loan scandals that are sure to be in the news in the very new future.

The Obama administration’s Energy Department has just approved two more government-backed loan guarantees, worth more than $1 billion, for two more solar energy companies, similar to the loan they gave Solyndra.

  • Tonopah Solar – $737 million gov loan
  • Mesquite Solar – $337 million gov loan

Soon, we will also be learning about what friends and supporters of Obama’s are involved with the companies, and how much the companies have donated to Obama.

The Energy Department on Wednesday approved two loan guarantees worth more than $1 billion for solar energy

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Obama Administration Hides From Truth, Locks Up Damaging Solyndra Evidence

Something tells me that Eric Holder would not have allowed the investigation of Obama’s pet company Solyndra, if there was any chance that it could put more heat on Obama.

It seems a lot more likely that the Obama administration spurred on the Solyndra investigation because they know by doing so, they lock up the files and any other damaging information until they decide to release the information. This effectively hides all evidence of crimes and corruption by the Obama administration, and if my guess is right, the FBI will release their investigation report in the days after the next election.

Federal agents have expanded their examination of the now-bankrupt

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