Inept Harry Reid Wishes Tea Party Power Will Fade, Blames Republicans For The Obama, Democrat Downgrade

It’s funny to hear someone like inept Harry Reid, who came very close to losing his seat to a tea party Republican, talk about the demise of the Tea Party. Wishful thinking Harry, but it isn’t going to happen!

If Harry Reid thinks that the tea party is fading away, then just wait – Harry is in for some very big surprises!
The Tea Party is getting stronger every day, despite the corrupt liberal media attacking them. The Tea Party will take more seats away from corrupt Democrats in 2012, (maybe even Harry’s) at which time not even the corrupt Obama-Swooning liberal media or Harry Reid will not be able to deny the power of the people.

“Anyone who minimizes the Tea Party by extension minimizes the (Obama Administration’s) massive spending problems that created it …

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