Conservatives: Don’t Send Your Kids to Michigan State University – Or They Will Be Indoctrinated With Liberal Bullshit & Lies

Conservatives: Don't Send Your Kids to Michigan State University - Or They Will Be Indoctrinated With Liberal Bullshit & Lies

Republicans and Conservatives: Don’t Send Your Kids to Michigan State University – Or They Will Be Indoctrinated With Liberal Bullshit & Lies

Republican and Conservative parents beware of Michigan State University! Do not send your kids to Michigan State University unless you want them to be fully brain washed with liberal lies by unprofessional dumb-fuck bully “professors” like William S. Penn.

It has been reported that at least this one “professor” at Michigan State University, William S. Penn has been attacking conservatives with the same typical bullshit lies that we see from Obama and the other liberals in the government who lie on a daily basis to the American People.

Piece of shit loser William S. Penn doesn’t deserve to be teaching our kids! He deserves to have been aborted, using the late term abortion …

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Brain-Dead Obama Admin Did Nothing to Stop Snowden From Leaving US, Blames China, Russia for “Escape”

The Obama administration could have revoked Edward Snowden’s passport while he was still in the United States, preventing him from fleeing to a different country, but the brain-dead Obama administration did nothing, allowing Snowden to leave the United States, but then blames China and Russia for not cleaning up the Obama administration’s mess.

It’s funny as hell to see a nutless idiots like John Kerry, and Jay Carney try and threaten China and Russia on behalf of Obama. These powerful countries are not scared or worried about what the US or Obama will do to them, because there is absolutely nothing that Obama or his cronies can do, or will do, in retribution.

To put it in other words, the world community does not respect Obama, and feel that Obama is a weak, lame duck …

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Brain Dead Republican Susan Collins Believes Corrupt NSA Chief Keith Alexander Cover-Up

Quivering Jackass & Fake-Republican Susan Collins asked NSA chief Keith Alexander “I saw an interview in which Mr. Snowden claimed that due to his position at NSA he could tap into virtually any American’s phone call or e-mails,” said Senator Susan Collins. “True or false?”

Alexander answered “False. I know of no way to do that.” and then brain-dead Susan Collins said “Thank You, I just wanted to clarify that because perhaps that is one issue we could put to rest”

WHAT?? NSA chief Keith Alexander has already proven that he is a liar, who will continue covering-up the corruption and crimes of the Obama administration. Why would his vague answer put anything to rest? If anything his answer brings out more questions.

NSA chief Keith Alexander says Edward Snowden’s claim that he could tap

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John Kerry Thinks Getting to Bottom of Obama’s Benghazi Cover-Up Unimportant

John Kerry Says Getting to Bottom of Obama's Benghazi Cover-Up UnimportantOf course the brain-dead John Kerry thinks that we have more important things to do than to get to the bottom of an Obama administration cover-up which cost the lives of American citizens, as well as treasure and intelligence that were lost.

The Obama administration has been deep in cover-up mode for much of their time in office, including since the Benghazi terrorist attack, and subsequent denials of terrorism by Obama and his team of washers.

Democrats would rather take away your rights to keep and bear arms, and secure the right to kill as many babies as they can, but they will go to their graves denying their part in Obama’s cover-up.

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER (R-CA): Mr. Secretary, we think that there was a coverup of some kind of wrongdoing that led this administration

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Overboard School Security Now Punishes Children for Imaginary Weapons

Second-grade student suspended for lobbing imaginary grenade

Second-grade student suspended for lobbing imaginary grenade

This is fucking ridiculous!

Brain Dead Liberals At Work…
A 7 year old was suspended from the second-grade at Mary Blair Elementary School for lobbing an imaginary grenade while playing on the playground during recess.

The child did not have anything in his hand, did not actually throw anything, and made no threats toward anyone else, yet the mentally-challenged jackasses who run Mary Blair Elementary School felt it necessary to suspend the child.

Complete idiocy on the part of the school!
If my kids were enrolled in the Mary Blair Elementary School, I would pull them out so fast the principal’s head would spin!

A 7-year-old Mary Blair Elementary School student says he’s confused about getting in trouble for trying to save the world from evil, though Thompson

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Brain Dead Idiot Bob Costas’ Gun Control Rant

Unfortunately YouTube has removed these videos from their platform to hide the truth from the American People. Another coverup with the help of Google/YouTube.

Does Bob really believe the stupid-ass crap that came out of his mouth, when he said “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”?

This was a 6’2” 228 pound linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, who didn’t need a gun to kill – He has all of the strength and aggressiveness to kill the lady anytime he pleased, with just his bare hands.

If Jovan Belcher wanted to kill Kasandra Perkins, there are no gun laws that would have stopped the crime. The killer would have just used a different method of killing.

If guns were outlawed, he would have used a …

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America Doomed: Overrun by Brain Dead Dumb Fucks!

America is COMPLETELY Fucked!

America Doomed: Overrun by Brain Dead Dumb Fucks! Anyone who voted to re-elect Obama can go fuck yourself!

America Doomed: Overrun by Brain Dead Dumb Fucks! Anyone who voted to re-elect Obama can go fuck yourself!

The United States is overrun by stupid, brain-dead dumb fuck liberals who have their heads stuck so far up Obama’s ass that Obama needs a proctologist to get them out.
I hope all of their businesses fail, and they end up on Obama’s Welfare and Food Stamp roles.

Fuck everyone who voted to re-elect the worst president in US History!

It just goes to show that you should never underestimate the power of stupid liberals in large groups.
They are like sheep, following each other off the cliff.

Stand Up To Government Corruption and Hypocrisy –

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Brain-Dead Biden Doesn’t Know Difference Between Billions and Trillions

$500 Trillion? And to think that Obama was only offering free cell phones, food stamps, and welfare.

Not only is Joe Biden a gaffe machine, but Joe Biden is completely stupid as well!
Biden seems to be a bit confused with the concept of Millions, Billions, and Trillions.

“But you can’t erase what you’ve already done, they’ve voted to extend tax cuts for the very wealthy, giving a $500 trillion dollar tax-cut to 120,000 families.” – Brain-Dead Joe Biden

You see Joe, Billions are larger than Millions, and Trillions are larger than Billions. It goes Millions, Billions, Trillions. That’s the way it works.

Good thing Joe Biden isn’t in charge of the American economy, or else we’d be in even worse trouble than Obama already has us.

Stand Up To Government Corruption and Hypocrisy –

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