Google, Facebook, Microsoft Headed For Big Problems With NSA Spying on User Base

Google, Facebook, Microsoft Headed For Big Problems With Abused User Base

Google, Facebook, Microsoft Headed For Big Problems With Abused User Base

A technology expert and author has called for, as did USBACKLASH.ORG, a boycott of the companies who participated in Obama’s secret and unconstitutional NSA Spying Scandal, where the corrupt Obama administration has been provided real-time back door access to just about anyone’s personal information, including emails, texts, phone calls, and even Facebook posts.

We have been hearing that Facebook and Google – two Obama-Swooning organizations – have been willingly handing over our information, at a whim of the Obama administration’s cronies.

If this Obama NSA Spying program (Spying on Americans) was actually something useful, as the Obama administration says, then why didn’t they catch the latest terrorists to blow up Americans at the Boston Marathon? The answer is probably because the terrorist-loving Obama administration …

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Lies or Just Wishful Thinking? Obama States ‘No Large-Scale Terrorist Attacks On United States’ Since 9/11

Brain-Dead Obama seems to think that there have been no terrorist attacks on the United States since 9/11.


Obama must have forgotten about the Ft Hood Terrorist Shooting Spree, the Benghazi Terrorist Attack in Libya, the Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing, and other successful terrorist attacks where the bombs didn’t explode. Has Obama forgotten about the Times Square Terrorist Bombing, where the bomb just fizzled and smoked, instead of exploding? This would be considered a “Successful” terrorist attack because Obama’s people did not stop the attack before the terrorist had a chance to detonate his explosive payload.

In reality, the Obama administration has not stopped many terrorist attacks from hitting their mark inside the United States. Most of the terrorists who have attacked our nation on Obama’s watch were not caught by Obama’s terrorist loving cronies. …

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Brainless Democrat Immigration Policies Allow Terrorists to Kill Us Using Tax Dollars

Do we want more 9/11’s and Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombings, or do we want to live in a safe nation?

These are the questions that should guide our nation’s immigration’s laws, but the terrorist-loving Obama administration has already made the decision for us.

Brainless Democrat Immigration Policies Allow Terrorists to Kill Us Using Tax Dollars

Obama and his cronies have done everything in their power to leave our borders wide open to all any and all terrorists to walk right in and start killing us, using our own tax dollars. They have even sued the states who are trying to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants and terrorists over the border, to force the states to leave their borders open to invasion by the world’s most dangerous people.

If we want to stop the terrorist attacks that Obama has allowed through and actually be safe, then …

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Saudi Arabia Also Warned U.S. About Boston Bomber – Obama Admin Ignored Russia and Saudi Arabia Warnings

Not only did Russian officials warn Obama’s corrupt and worthless Homeland Security department about Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev on multiple occasions, but now we are learning that Saudi Arabia also warned Obama’s DHS in writing back in 2012. Warnings that were ignored, just as the Russian warnings were ignored by DHS.

Saudi Arabia Also Warned U.S. About Boston Bomber - Obama Admin Ignored Russia and Saudi Arabia Warnings

I put the blame for the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack squarely on the Obama administration, who seems more interested in parties and golf than keeping our nation safe. It shows also, because Obama has allowed us to be attacked successfully over 5 times in under 4 years.

Bull-Dyke Janet Napolitano is definitely scary and all, but she has no clue what she is doing when homeland security is involved, and should be held accountable for the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack, which could have easily …

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Terrorists Love Eric Holder – Eric Holder Loves Terrorists

Terrorists Love Eric Holder - Eric Holder Loves TerroristsThe story below describes how Attorney General Eric Holder defended a federal judge who interrupted the first interrogation of confessed terrorist bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to read him his Miranda rights, thereby preventing the terrorist bomber from giving up any additional information.

The story is taking the Obama administration’s word for what happened though, and we know that it is a lie.

There is NO WAY IN HELL that this judge went over to stop the interrogation, and read Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his rights, without the approval of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Terrorist-lover Eric Holder wanted to protect the terrorist from having to say anything that could get him in more trouble, and even worse for the Obama administration, he would let the cat out of the bag that the Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing was the work …

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Planned Parenthood Kills 111 Times More People Than 9/11 – Every Year! Obama Says Thanks

Planned Parenthood killed 333,964 babies by abortion in 2012.
They must be happy because this is a record year for them, in which they were able to kill more babies than last year.


Planned Parenthood’s 333,964 abortions in 2012 works out to be:

  • 83491 times the number of people killed in the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack.
  • 111 times the number of people killed on 9/11
  • 30 times the number of people killed by drunk drivers in 2012.

Obama also seems happy, and in his speech yesterday he said ‘Thank You, God Bless You’ to the people who have made it their job to kill as many babies as possible, which Obama not only agrees with, but encourages.

‘Thank You, and God Bless You Planned Parenthood for killing those 333.964 babies. I hate babies! Kill them …

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Congressman Finally Calls Out Obama For Weakness on Terrorism

Bravo Congressman Tom Cotton! Bravo!

Congressman Finally Calls Out Obama For Weakness on TerrorismWe have asked the same question on many occasions, but this is the first time we have heard a Congressman or Senator bring up Obama’s weakness on Terrorism.

Why has the Obama administration allowed us to be attacked at least 5 times in 4 years, when President Bush was able to keep us safe for over 7 years after 9-11?

The answer is that President Bush was actually doing his job, and did what it took to keep us safe. Obama, on the other hand, is doing everything EXCEPT his job. Obama is campaigning, fundraising, golfing, partying with Hollywood stars, giving speeches at Planned Parenthood, and anything else he can think of except keeping us safe.

No wonder why all of the world’s terrorists wanted Obama re-elected.. Obama is a …

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