Lies or Just Wishful Thinking? Obama States ‘No Large-Scale Terrorist Attacks On United States’ Since 9/11

Brain-Dead Obama seems to think that there have been no terrorist attacks on the United States since 9/11.


Obama must have forgotten about the Ft Hood Terrorist Shooting Spree, the Benghazi Terrorist Attack in Libya, the Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing, and other successful terrorist attacks where the bombs didn’t explode. Has Obama forgotten about the Times Square Terrorist Bombing, where the bomb just fizzled and smoked, instead of exploding? This would be considered a “Successful” terrorist attack because Obama’s people did not stop the attack before the terrorist had a chance to detonate his explosive payload.

In reality, the Obama administration has not stopped many terrorist attacks from hitting their mark inside the United States. Most of the terrorists who have attacked our nation on Obama’s watch were not caught by Obama’s terrorist loving cronies. …

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Liberal Professor Loon Ruth O’Brien Judges Entire Terrorist Takedown With One Post-Mortem Picture

Tamerlan-Tsarnaev-and-Dzhokhar-A-Tsarnaev-at-the-Boston-Marathon-minutes-before-blastWhat a liberal terrorist sympathizing LOON!

City University of New York Professor Ruth O’Brien looked at one post-mortem image of Tamerlan Tsarnaev (FBI Suspect #1), a terrorist who just set off two bombs, filled with nails and ball bearings, in order to kill and maim as many innocent men women and children as they could — and then made the decision that we used too much force to stop the brothers’ terror spree.

In fact the Police say that Bomber #1 (Tamerlan) was actually run over, dragged, and killed by his younger brother, Bomber #2 (Dzhokhar) while trying to escape.

I guess the autopsy will tell how he actually died, and we will know what happened, but just because he was shot doesn’t mean that he would have died. Many people survive getting shot multiple …

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