Racist Black Caucus Members Plan Walk-Out at Holder Contempt Vote

Racist Black Caucus members plan to further obstruct the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s investigation of the failed Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal and subsequent coverup.

Democrats have tried to make different assertions, to see which one sticks, but all of their excuses are just more lies from the most corrupt administration in US history who claimed executive privilege to try and obstruct justice and keep documents hidden that should be part of the investigation.

Assertion 1: Democrats want people to believe that the investigation of holder is just an “election year tactic” by Republicans to try and hurt Obama in the upcoming landslide.. I mean election.
* The truth is that the investigation of Fast and Furious, and the subpoena for documents, which Holder has been obstructing, are a year and a half …

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MSNBC Plays Race Card Against AP For Accurate Transcription of Obama’s Speech

So, Obama can speak in Ebonics, but nobody is allowed to transcribe the actual words Obama speaks, without being called a racist..

If it was not considered racist to speak the way that Obama spoke in his speech to the Black Caucus, then not editing Obama’s spoken words to include the G’s at the end of his words cannot be racist either. If the AP removed the G’s from Obama’s words on their own, then I’d say that a charge of racism may be a little more warranted, but the AP accurately transcribed Obama’s actual words.

I think the real issue is that the Democrats don’t like that Obama sounds like a total idiot when he tries to speak like he is one of the middle class people he is speaking to. Normally, the corrupt …

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