Obama Admin Wanted to Bailout Solyndra Friends Just Before Bankruptcy

The Obama administration considered a government bailout for their friends at Solyndra, just days before the failed solar company filed for bankruptcy, and well after the Obama administration knew the company was in an unrecoverable tailspin.

That’s the Obama administration in a nutshell. They knew that they had just wasted a half billion dollars of taxpayer money, and instead of cutting their losses, and coming clean, instead they want to throw more of our money down the toilet and to their friends and supporters.

Why the American People are continuing to put up with Obama’s complete corruption, and lack of any usable knowledge or experience to help us get out of the unbelievable economic disaster his party and administration have caused.

Days before a solar panel maker collapsed, the Obama administration considered a bailout that

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Obama Admin Planned Additional $469 Million for Solyndra As Financial Troubles Worsened

Now we are learning that, even as Solyndra’s financial situation grew worse and worse, the Obama administration still planned on approving an additional $469 million loan to the now bankrupt solar panel manufacturer, which would have increased the total loss to the American People to over $1 billion.

Obama Admin Planned Additional $469 Million for Solyndra As Financial Troubles Worsened

Obama Admin Planned Additional $469 Million for Solyndra As Financial Troubles Worsened

We would think that Obama administration has their head stuck up their butts, but were pretty sure that the Obama administration knew exactly what they were doing when they gave the $ billions in loans to a failing company, which was run by Obama friends and supporters.

In reality, it’s becoming more clear that Obama really just gave a half billion dollars of our money to his friends and supporters, as a “Thank You” for …

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Solyndra Lists “California Democratic Party” As Bankrupt Solar-Panel Plant Creditor

Why would the ultra-liberal and corrupt California Democratic Party be listed in the list of creditors to the failed solar-panel company, Solyndra, and then the California Democratic Party’s communications director, Tenoch Flores, said in a reply that the California Democratic Party was not owed “any funds in any form” from Solyndra.

That is not a denial that they are a creditor of Solyndra. It only means that they do not want Solyndra to pay back the cash they are owed, or they were already paid back, but it sill leaves the question of why? Who would the California Democratic Party be a creditor to a company that received over a half billion dollars in federal loans?


This scandal gets bigger by the minute, and the corruption, and subsequent …

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Solyndra, Major Obama Donor, Declares Bankruptcy After Receiving $535 Million Federal Loan

So let’s get this straight. This is different than the very similar story of Evergreen Solar Inc, which also received millions of dollars from the Obama administration, before going bankrupt.

The Obama administration guaranteed a another failing company, Solyndra solar panel company, $535 million government backed loan, which seems more like a reward for the donations Steve Westley gave to the Obama campaign. The company then declares bankruptcy, lays off 1,100 employees, and bilks the U.S. People out of a half a billion dollars of taxpayer money. Then Obama goes off the deep end and names the donor, Steve Westley, to the President’s Energy Advisory Board.

This stinks like more corruption of the worst kind from the Obama administration.

Solyndra, a San Francisco based solar panel company that received a $535 million loan guarantee

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