Brainless MSNBC Skank Andrea Mitchell Has Ass Handed to Her by Rep. Sean Duffy in Funny Interview

Stupid Nasty Skank Andrea Mitchell gets her ass completely handed to her by Rep. Sean Duffy.

This laughable attempt by Skank Andrea Mitchell is typical “reporting” by MSNBC, whose “journalists” have their heads stuck so far up Obama’s ass that Obama would need a proctologist to have them removed.

Brainless Andrea Skank Mitchell couldn’t even respond to Mr. Duffy’s questions, because she is too fucking stupid, and could only fall back on the White House Talking Points that she was probably handed by someone on Obama’s staff.

Pay attention near the 6:22 minute mark where brainless Andrea Mitchell accuses Rep. Sean Duffy of having the same type of “Gold-Plated Healthcare Plans” that Obama and his staff enjoy, and didn’t even know that Mr. Duffy is enrolled in Obamacare.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Joining me now is Wisconsin

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Washington Times: ‘Is Obama a pathological liar?’

The quick and easy answer is yes, we feel that Obama is an out-of-control pathological liar.

Obama will say anything to get the slightest sliver of support for his failed policies that have made our country’s medium sized problems into an emergency by cramming through their socialist policies, and raising our debt by $2.5260 trillion in under 2 years!

Lets take a little closer look at the Debt problem that the Obama Administration orchestrated.
The liars in the Obama Administration have been deceiving the American People by telling them that the debt is the fault of President Bush, Republicans, big business, or tax breaks for businesses that create jobs, and produce goods and services that support jobs in many other other industries, when the truth is that Obama heaped more debt onto our nation’s back …

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