New Obama Green Energy Pet Goes Bankrupt – American Taxpayer Loses $118 Million

Ener1, an Obama-backed hybrid car battery company files for bankruptcy

Ener1, an Obama-backed hybrid car battery company files for bankruptcy

Yet, another Green Energy pet of the Obama administration, Ener1, who received $118 Million in government funding, is now filing for bankruptcy! SHOCKING!!!

Take this latest waste of our money by the Obama administration, and add it to the other Obama-backed companies who took millions of dollars of our money, only to turn right around and file for bankruptcy, and I bet that the total is nearing a trillion dollars of lost money.

You can easily see that the Obama administration either has their hands dirty, in the pot of our money, or they just have no clue how to …

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Obama Admin Wanted to Bailout Solyndra Friends Just Before Bankruptcy

The Obama administration considered a government bailout for their friends at Solyndra, just days before the failed solar company filed for bankruptcy, and well after the Obama administration knew the company was in an unrecoverable tailspin.

That’s the Obama administration in a nutshell. They knew that they had just wasted a half billion dollars of taxpayer money, and instead of cutting their losses, and coming clean, instead they want to throw more of our money down the toilet and to their friends and supporters.

Why the American People are continuing to put up with Obama’s complete corruption, and lack of any usable knowledge or experience to help us get out …

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Another Obama Green Energy Company Files for Bankruptcy After Receiving $43 Million Government Loan

Yet another one of the companies that Obama’s Energy Department gave $43 million in government-backed loans has filed for bankruptcy, sticking the American taxpayer with the bill.

Just as we have seen with Solyndra, Sun Power, and others, the Obama administration doesn’t worry about how much of our money is being wasted. They only care about how much money and support their wasteful and criminal spending will return to their re-election campaign.

The Obama administration’s inability to not waste money is becoming more than a problem, and we need to do everything in our power to stop the wasteful and most likely criminal abuse and waste of our tax dollars.…

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