Obama Pet Green Company Fiscker Automotive Received $529 Million – Latest To File For Bankruptcy

Obama-Pet-Fisker-Filing-BankruptcyThe Ultra-Corrupt and Brain-Dead Obama Administration has thrown $ Billions of our hard-earned money straight down the toilet, (or in other words, lining the pockets of Obama’s friends and supporters) and the latest Obama shill-company to go under, Fiscker Automotive, will leave tax payers with the huge $529 million bill!

Oh, and Fiscker only made electric cars that cost around $115,000.

Obama wasted $529 million of our money investing in a luxury car company that made cars that only the top 1% of the rich could EVER afford. That’s right. We all paid Obama’s promise to line the pockets of his friends at Fiscker, even though almost none of us would ever be buying one of the pieces of crap.

Everyone should have known that when you get Al Gore, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama …

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New Obama Green Energy Pet Goes Bankrupt – American Taxpayer Loses $118 Million

Ener1, an Obama-backed hybrid car battery company files for bankruptcy

Ener1, an Obama-backed hybrid car battery company files for bankruptcy

Yet, another Green Energy pet of the Obama administration, Ener1, who received $118 Million in government funding, is now filing for bankruptcy! SHOCKING!!!

Take this latest waste of our money by the Obama administration, and add it to the other Obama-backed companies who took millions of dollars of our money, only to turn right around and file for bankruptcy, and I bet that the total is nearing a trillion dollars of lost money.

You can easily see that the Obama administration either has their hands dirty, in the pot of our money, or they just have no clue how to run an economy. We think it’s probably some of both! Obama definitely has no clue how to run an economy, and Obama is also very …

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Solyndra Lists “California Democratic Party” As Bankrupt Solar-Panel Plant Creditor

Why would the ultra-liberal and corrupt California Democratic Party be listed in the list of creditors to the failed solar-panel company, Solyndra, and then the California Democratic Party’s communications director, Tenoch Flores, said in a reply that the California Democratic Party was not owed “any funds in any form” from Solyndra.

That is not a denial that they are a creditor of Solyndra. It only means that they do not want Solyndra to pay back the cash they are owed, or they were already paid back, but it sill leaves the question of why? Who would the California Democratic Party be a creditor to a company that received over a half billion dollars in federal loans?


This scandal gets bigger by the minute, and the corruption, and subsequent …

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Green Technology Company, Given Millions By Democrats, Files for Bankruptcy

A company (Evergreen Solar Inc.,) that received a $58 million financial aid package from Democrats to build a Bay State factory, has now filed for bankruptcy.

The Democrats have proved that they have no clue how to help businesses, create jobs, or to balance a budget, and now we are learning about the Democrat’s horrible track record in the companies that they gave our money to.

I just wonder how much money Evergreen Solar Inc. donated to the Democrats before receiving the $58 million gift???
My guess is that they donated a lot..

Evergreen Solar Inc., the Marlboro clean-energy company that received millions in state subsidies to build an ill-fated Bay State factory, has filed for bankruptcy.

Evergreen, which closed its taxpayer-supported Devens factory in March and cut 800 jobs, has been trying to rework

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