Court Rules Obama Appointees Interfered With DOJ Black Panther Prosecution

Corrupt Eric Holder

Corrupt Eric Holder

The most corrupt administration in US history (The Obama Administration) strikes again!

The United States District Court says that corrupt Obama administration appointees were responsible for the dismissal of the charges relating to Voter Intimidation that took place on Election Day 2008, where two New Black Panther Party members were filmed outside a polling place intimidating voters with weapons, we know for sure now thanks to emails obtained by Judicial Watch.

The only reason why it was appointees is so that Obama could claim to have clean hands in the matter, which we all know is false.

Judicial Watch was forced to sue the Department of Justice …

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CONTEMPT! Eric Holder Claims Emails Using Words ‘Fast and Furious’ Don’t Refer to ‘Fast and Furious’ Scandal & Coverup

John Boehner needs to stop stalling, and hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt! Eric Holder needs to be held accountable to Congress and the American People for his stonewalling, deception, and lies, as well as for the active coverup of the “Fast and Furious” Gun Running Scandal!

Eric Holder is unbelievable! This corrupt loser should be in prison, instead of in a position of power in our government! Eric Holder has abused his power, time and time again, for political gain, and self preservation.

Eric Holder is now trying to claim that emails that use the term ‘Fast and Furious’, and speak about ‘guns walking’ do not refer to …

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New Documents Show Eric Holder Lied about Knowledge of “Fast & Furious” Gun-Running Scandal

New documents show that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about the Obama administration’s “Fast & Furious” gun-running scandal.

Mr. Holder claimed that he had just learned about the Obama administration’s “Fast & Furious” gun-running scandal, when the truth is that he knew full-well about the growing scandal, and began receiving memos on the gun-running scheme at least ten months before that hearing, which means that Eric Holder is a corrupt liar who needs to be removed.

As Democrats do every time they are caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing, like evading paying their taxes, or getting caught in a sex scandal, they claim ignorance. We could have …

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