McCain, Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa – 3 Nutless Pussies Pushing Immediate Amnesty Without Securing Border

McCain, Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa - 3 Nutless Pussies Pushing Immediate Immigration Reform Without Securing BorderThree complete pussies gathered at University of Southern California with all of the other brain dead liberals to discuss amnesty for illegal immigrants.

All three nutless turds support amnesty for illegal immigrants, without securing the border first. Why? For votes and money.

Beside being a nutless fake conservative, John McCain is also a complete liar.

Back in 1998-1999 McCain said over and over that we needed to secure the borders BEFORE passing immigration reform, but now that he isn’t running for President (thank God!) he has done a complete 180 degree turnaround, and now doesn’t want to secure the border before making all of the illegal immigrants already here instant citizens.

A constellation of intellectual heavyweights showed up at the University of Southern California on Tuesday to discuss the issues surrounding immigration reform. That stars

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Pathological Liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz Doubles Down On Lies

Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and Obama’s Designated Liar, Deborah “Debbie” Wasserman Schultz has doubled down on her lies, and will not offer an apology after being caught in a lie when she she said Washington Examiner reporter Philip Klein “deliberately misquoted” her, even though there is audio of the liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz making the exact statement she denies making.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) told the Washington Free Beacon Wednesday evening that she will not be apologizing to Washington Examiner reporter Philip Klein after she falsely accused him of “deliberately misquoting” her.

“No, I definitely will not” offer Klein an apology, Wasserman Schultz said with a slight laugh as she was exiting an event meant to honor Center For American Freedom founder John Podesta.

Asked if she had a message for

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