Terrorist-Loving Obama Admin Disregards Terrorist-Filled Mosques From Unconstitutional NSA Spying Scheme

Obama’s spies are definitely unconstitutionally spying on Americans, but will not spy on terrorists in a mosque, where terrorists hang out.

So the corrupt friend of every terrorist – The Obama administration – says that their unconstitutional NSA spy ring has stopped “dozens” of terrorist attacks, which itself is completely false, but how can the brain-dead Obama administration think that their NSA Spying Scandal would help stop terrorists if they are not even spying on the terrorists.

This proves a few things.
1) The terrorist-friendly Obama administration actively helps terrorists avoid capture.
2) The Obama administration’s spying scheme was aimed at Americans, not terrorists.
3) The inept Obama administration has …

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San Fran Municipal Transportation Agency Allows Anti-Jewish Hate Speech Ads on Busses

save-the-world-kill-a-terroristSo the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency feels that it’s OK to display hate speech, targeting Jewish people for death, on their buses.

One sign reads: “Killing Jews is worship that draws us closer to Allah”
This is not true though. In fact Muslims killing anyone for their religion only brings them closer to hell.

I’m so sick of these dumb fuck terrorists attacking everyone who don’t believe the stupid shit that they believe.

Muslims will stop at nothing to exterminate other religious groups from the earth, which is the #1 reason why I have been purchasing some nice guns over the last few years.

A controversy has been re-ignited

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