Obama Pet Green Company Fiscker Automotive Received $529 Million – Latest To File For Bankruptcy

Obama-Pet-Fisker-Filing-BankruptcyThe Ultra-Corrupt and Brain-Dead Obama Administration has thrown $ Billions of our hard-earned money straight down the toilet, (or in other words, lining the pockets of Obama’s friends and supporters) and the latest Obama shill-company to go under, Fiscker Automotive, will leave tax payers with the huge $529 million bill!

Oh, and Fiscker only made electric cars that cost around $115,000.

Obama wasted $529 million of our money investing in a luxury car company that made cars that only the top 1% of the rich could EVER afford. That’s right. We all paid Obama’s promise to line the pockets of his friends at Fiscker, even though almost none of us would ever be buying one of the pieces of crap.

Everyone should have known that when you get Al Gore, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama …

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Corrupt Obama-Swooning Media Scrambles to Find New False Attacks Against Romney

Corrupt Obama-Swooning Media Scrambles to Find New False Attacks Against Romney

Corrupt Obama-Swooning Media Scrambles to Find New False Attacks Against Romney

The corrupt Obama-swooning media, that gets chills and thrills up their legs by listening to Obama read from a teleprompter, are dumbfounded that Mitt Romney came out and tore Obama a new a-hole last night in the 1st Presidential Debate.

The media have been so far in the tank for Obama that they would never, on their own, show Mitt Romney in a good light. Fortunately for Romney, all the corrupt media arm of the Obama administration can do is squirm and make excuses for Obama’s unbelievably bad performance last night.

Al Gore seems to think that Obama stunk up the joint because of the Denver altitude.
“Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today — just a few hours before the debate started,” …

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Dems Hide From Corporate Coziness – Refer to “Bank of America stadium” as “Panthers Stadium”

Democrats Hide From Corporate Coziness - To Refer to "Bank of America stadium" as "Panthers Stadium"

Democrats Hide From Corporate Coziness – To Refer to “Bank of America stadium” as “Panthers Stadium”

The desperate Obama re-election campaign is running scared, and have now made a laughable decision to refer to Bank of America stadium as “Panthers Stadium” to try and hide from the administration’s coziness with Bank of America, and Corporate America from Obama’s base – the far left.

The truth is that no matter how hard Obama tries running from his deep connection to corporations, the Obama campaign has been hot and heavy in bed with corporations, and gladly taking in $ millions in contributions from corporations, since he took office.

Obama gets most of his campaign cash from wealthy liberal corporate executives, who would rather give money to Obama than feel the wrath of the Obama administration’s overburdening regulations.…

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New Study Shows Earth Heated In Medieval Times Without Human CO2 Emissions

Study after study shows that the corrupt scientists who are pushing Al Gore’s climate change lie, are not telling the truth, and yet another study provides more evidence that Global Warming, while possibly a real phenomenon, is not caused by man’s CO2 emissions.

The new study backs up the theory of USBACKLASH, which shows that even back in medieval times, when there was almost no man-made CO2 emissions, the entire earth heated up.

USBACKLASH believes that the earth is on a cycle of heating and cooling that cannot not be affected, or changed by man, and that the science used to make the determination that man was the cause of the rise in temperature was flawed at best and falsified at worst. The Earth’s temperature fluctuations are natural, and just as man cannot stop the …

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Global Warming Sham: Sun, Not Man, Causes Climate Change

As we have said for years, the Earth’s changing climate has more to do with the sun and cyclical changes in our atmosphere, not due to the actions of man. The Earth goes through natural fluctuations in heat and moisture, which is just a part of natural cycle the Earth goes through.

“It’s the sun, stupid” The problem is that the cycles that the Earth goes through, which create changes in heat and moisture, are so slow that people don’t live through multiple cycles, so they wrongly assume that man is causing the changes.

Instead of looking at the truth concerning global warming, jackasses like Con-Artist Al Gore will continue using bad science, and outright lies, to push the scam of man-made global warming, so they can continue stealing money from a bunch of brain-dead …

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Desperate Left Continues Blaming Tea Party For Obama’s Failed Economic Policy

I laugh at these stupid hacks on TV, like Loony-Bin Alan Colmes, Goof-Ball Ed Schultz, Wack-Job Al Gore, and even No-Jobs Obama and Joe Gaff-Master Biden and Rep. Nobody-Cares Mike Doyle, who blame the Tea Party for Obama’s failure to produce a budget in 3 years, in conjunction with Obama’s out-of-control spending, which are the real reasons we are facing the precarious position of our economy.

Instead of taking blame for their fiscal failures and inability to govern, they play the blame game and blame everything and everyone under the sun, and then attack the Tea Party. These jackasses have called us terrorists, rapists, kidnappers, suicide bombers, and other completely crazy, false, and derogatory terms that they wanted the Corrupt Obama Swooning Media to latch onto, and then drum-beat into the heads of the know-nothing-mush-brains …

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Unhinged Al Gore Clings To Debunked Climate Change Sham

Al Gore, who has been making millions upon millions of dollars off the global warming lie, which was cooked up by Gore and some of his crooked “scientists”, is unhappy that everyone doesn’t agree with the sham science used to back up the false claim of man-made global warming.

Gore goes as far as to say that the people who don’t agree with him have been paying “pseudo-scientists” to debunk the climate change scam, but as Democrats always do, they accuse the other side of doing exactly what they are doing. It has been shown time and time again that the people pretending to be scientists to back up Gore’s lie, are nothing more than scam artists, who shaped data, and used faulty science to perpetuate the Global Warming lie.

Most REAL scientists can see …

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New NASA Data Further Dispels Global Warming Hoax

New satellite data from NASA is dispelling more of the “facts” used by Al Gore and others to try and prove that their global warming hoax was real.

“In short, the central premise of alarmist global warming theory is that carbon dioxide emissions should be directly and indirectly trapping a certain amount of heat in the earth’s atmosphere and preventing it from escaping into space. Real-world measurements, however, show far less heat is being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere than the alarmist computer models predict, and far more heat is escaping into space than the alarmist computer models predict.”

Al Gore and many others have made many millions of dollars by using phony global warming data to sell carbon credits, among many other schemes.

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the

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