Republicans Try to Stop Congressional Insider Trading – Entitled Democrats Angry

Why is it OK for members of our government to engage in insider trading using congressional information that picks winners and losers, when any normal citizen who engages in insider trading is charged with a crime and arrested?

It’s no wonder congressional candidates will spend $ millions of their own money to get elected to the congress.
After getting elected, it’s all grift and gravy for the elected officials, who instantly become “above the law” and feel that they can do anything they please to enrich themselves.

This Congressional Insider Trading should be made illegal, and needs to be stopped NOW!

We all know that Democrats are corrupt fucks who will continue insider trading to make themselves rich until it is made illegal, and then the Democrats will go under the table..

Conservatives better stand

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Corrupt Bull-Dyke Napolitano Says Obama Admin Can Pick & Chose Which Laws to Enforce

Corrupt Bull-Dyke Napolitano Says Obama Admin Can Pick & Chose Which Laws to EnforceDuring a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that he believes that she and other Obama administration officials are free to decide on their own which US laws to enforce, and which can be ignored.

It’s pretty evident that this latest Napolitano brain-fart is just the byproduct of the ultra-corrupt nature of Obama and his cronies, who feel that they are above the law, and can do anything they like.

Call and write the Obama administratio,n and Bull-Dyke Napolitano, and let them know that they are not above the law, and need to enforce the laws of our nation, even if they don’t like the laws they are sworn to enforce.

During her testimony on the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee on

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