Planned Parenthood Kills 111 Times More People Than 9/11 – Every Year! Obama Says Thanks

Planned Parenthood killed 333,964 babies by abortion in 2012.
They must be happy because this is a record year for them, in which they were able to kill more babies than last year.


Planned Parenthood’s 333,964 abortions in 2012 works out to be:

  • 83491 times the number of people killed in the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack.
  • 111 times the number of people killed on 9/11
  • 30 times the number of people killed by drunk drivers in 2012.

Obama also seems happy, and in his speech yesterday he said ‘Thank You, God Bless You’ to the people who have made it their job to kill as many babies as possible, which …

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Planned Parenthood Knew About Horrific Gosnell Abortion Crimes – But Did Nothing

The crimes of Abortion “doctor” Kermit Gosnell have been uncovered, and the details are as sick and criminal as they get.

Planned Parenthood Helps Dirty Liberal Whores Murder Their Babies-own-baby-thanks-planned-parenthood

This piece of shit baby murderer is accused of actually murdering babies by snipping the base of their skull and spinal cord with a pair of scissors, and then cutting off the baby’s tiny feet and storing them in jars, like some kind of sick serial baby killer trophies.

Now we learn that Planned Parenthood actually knew about the crimes of Gosnell, the Baby Killer, but did nothing, and told nobody about the horrendous crimes which should land the “doctor” in jail for the rest of his life. or …

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Lawsuit by Pro-Life Group Forces Planned Parenthood to Cancel Proposed Abortion Business Plans

Due To Pro-Life Lawsuit Planned Parenthood Cancels Plans To Open Michigan Abortion Clinic

Due To Pro-Life Lawsuit Planned Parenthood Cancels Plans To Open Michigan Abortion Clinic

Thanks to the deed restriction and a lawsuit by a pro-life group “Citizens for a Pro-Life Society”, Planned Parenthood has been forced to give up their plans to open a “full-service” abortion business in a 17,000-square-foot Oakland County Michigan building.

Planned Parenthood officials filed a lawsuit to fight the deed restriction in court, but ended up losing the case, which prompted them to cancel their abortion business plans and put the property up for sale or rent.

“Our whole concern right from the start was to keep Planned Parenthood from killing babies at 1625 N. Opdyke Road …

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