Obama’s Ammo Buy-Up Leaving Police Without Ammo – Endangering Citizens

Obamas-DHS-Bull-Dyke-Napolitano-Buys-All-Available-AmmoObama’s secret backdoor attack on the 2nd amendment has left police departments across the country scrambling for ammunition to do their jobs, and leaving the American citizens the police are supposed to protect with no means to stop armed criminals.

So, while the Obama administration stockpiles billions of bullets, in order to keep them out of the hands of legal gun owners, and lies to the American People about their motives, everyone is put in danger as violent criminals now have the upper hand – No armed police, and no ammunition for self-protection.

“DHS buys armored vehicles, 2 bil rds of ammo, 7000 assault rifle, while Pres. Obama tries to disarm law abiding citizens. Time to ask why?” Tweet from Lou Dobbs @loudobbsnews

As the “Great Ammunition Shortage” continues, police departments across the country

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Ammogate: Inhofe Also Believes Obama Cronies Trying to ‘Dry Up’ U.S. Ammo Supply

There is no doubt about it. The corrupt and dangerous Obama administration has been trying to dry-up the U..S. ammo supply to keep legal gun owners from being able to purchase ammunition for their legally-owned guns.

“We’ve never had government trying to take that much control at the expense of the law-abiding citizens. And we’re not going to let it happen.” – Sen. James Inhofe

“Let’s make sure that your audience out there is aware, Aaron, that our president, Obama, has been doing everything he could to stop the private ownership of guns in America” – Sen. James Inhofe

Liberals feel that you don’t need guns, and since they are too weak to get new gun laws passed, instead of passing laws, the Obama administration ordered their criminal officials to go out and lock up …

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